Do you think the EPA should require tanks to be cleaned?


  • Mostly Harmless - 6 years ago

    Should the EPA? No. Should the state? Sure.

  • Lee Christine Brownlee - 8 years ago

    I am presently writing an article on water tank inspections and condition. Living in SF and NYC all my life, I never thought about the water tank construction, purification process, and maintenance, not to mention all the people that depend on the clean water to maintain a healthy life and all the children who grow up drinking contaminated water without knowing the damage it could be doing to their body.

    How can the bar be raised to protect the public health, and how can laws be passed to set higher standards for the health and well-being of the public?

    I am a writer, and would be happy to write articles for you to post on your website if you need assistance in that area.


    Lee Christine Brownlee

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