Which do you want more: Apple TV or Google TV (Poll Closed)

  • Apple TV
    617 votes

  • Google TV
    1,675 votes

  • Neither!
    341 votes

  • Both!
    242 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • john s - 7 years ago

    google TV is far better. i have both.

  • john s - 7 years ago

    google TV is far better. i have both.

  • web design hamilton - 8 years ago

    I definitely would've wanted to watch some Google TV on a Sunday morning, while having some breakfast. I don't see Google TV something impractical, but very useful considering it's one of the world's most famous brands.

  • Viewer Veronica - 9 years ago

    Since the readership of this site, I believe, is more likely to be Google users than Apple users, the poll is going to be a bit skewed in favor of Google. On other sites, I've seen readers comment that the Google TV idea is terrible - impractical, privacy-invasive, and largely not necessary. (Granted, there were a few positive posts, too, but they sounded like they might have been from either their employees or programmers hoping to sell apps).

  • Web Design Hamilton - 9 years ago

    Before I voted google, I actually thought that apple would be the winner.

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