Did you birth at a Baby Friendly maternity center?
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  • Janet - 10 years ago

    My first child was birthed in a BFHI accredited hospital. He was taken away from me after our unnecessarean even though we were both perfectly well. He had APGARS of 9 and 9! He was not brought to me till three hours had passed by which time I was so drugged and exhausted I couldn't hold him anyway. My milk didn't come in till day 8, I had PTSD, I was suicidal when he was six months old. BFHI is rubbish. That hospital is proud that 60% of the babies born there are breastfed when they leave. How on earth is that something to be proud of?!

    My next child was born at home. Straight onto my skin, crawled across my body at 30 minutes old to attach herself while we were still in the birth pool. Milk in like clockwork on day 3, nearly 4 years later she breastfeeds many times a day.

    Unhindered birth is what really offers women and babies breastfeeding support. All else is institutionalised and directly in opposition to what human mammals need in order to birth and breastfeed.

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