What is the best mobile-phone service in Sri Lanka?


  • Iran - 6 years ago

    Mobitel is cheaper with good customer care

  • Ruwani - 7 years ago

    Dialog has technology. But poor customer care. Mobitel is better on customer care but technology is not as superb as dialog.

  • Nuwan Fernando - 11 years ago

    I've tried all the network services on GSM(normal calls, not video or skype, gtalk) coverage. Checked MOBITEL and HUTCH on 3G.
    The cheapest and most economical network connection with the best features is HUTCH. But its 3G coverage is very poor, and some occasional issues(call connection) at peak times, pinches you. MOBITEL has got an excellent 3G coverage.

    Coverage wise DIALOG, AIRTEL and MOBITEL is the best.

    I've got less experience with ETISALAT.

    If u use Mobitel, a 50:50(approx.) is allocated to our country, thereby benefiting our country. All the other networks are foreign, and we bundle our money them pump overseas whereas it would have been utilized in Sri Lanka, A GREAT POINT TO THINK ABOUT.

    A good point on our attitude and wisdom can be reflected though our network selections. How? Most people opt for DIALOG, for the 'idiotically lame' reason that DIALOG is 'the best', this shows how much the Sri Lankans are narrow minded. "Lots people use DIALOG, so we should use DIALOG too". Tell anything for a SRI LANKAN 7 times and it gets totally convinced and conditioned! Inability to think freshly and creatively.


  • Rikas - 11 years ago

    etisalat the Best in Sri lanka

  • Azeem - 13 years ago

    Nw, Airtel seems best.! They hv various prepaid plans. Mobitel upahara is precious. Bt they won't issue new package. :-(

  • Isura - 13 years ago

    Mobitel is the best network ever.

  • Gayan - 13 years ago

    Airtel the best

  • Keerthi - 13 years ago

    Dialog is still the best. Good coverage. Cool features.

  • Deepthi - 13 years ago

    Mobitel Upahara is the cheapest package available.

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