Tell me what you think of the new Knowledge Panel in Photoshop CS5


  • John Passanmeau - 14 years ago

    Failed to install, error message said I didn't have permissions to install. Running Win 7 and I am running as administrator.
    So what does it mean? Sounds like it could be helpful, I will never know.

  • Chana Messer - 14 years ago

    I like the idea. I am teaching Photoshop in UCLA and can refer students to it -once they miss a class or need more information. In general I love the CS review and the other new on line plug-ins. Very helpful!

    I use Phoroshop since 1.0...It is getting better and better. I still love my Channels!!!!

  • Ron - 14 years ago

    Brilliant! Some of the links were a little flaky. I hope it will grow with additional entries. Love my homemade Configurator panel. It has to save at least 50-percent of my time. Knowledge will do the same I'm sure. Has anyone made a Lightroom Panel for PS yet?

  • cas - 14 years ago

    Why do I need system admin rights to install CS5 Knowledge in Windows 7 ???
    Why the application is not compatible with Windows 7 security (has no security manifest)???

  • Katherine Mann - 14 years ago

    Very cool. I will use this. Just so many things one can remember at once. I can see this small panel as a great resource, pointing me in the right direction with a minimum of fuss. Thank you!

  • Stephen - 14 years ago

    Very neat. Among other thoughts and ideas I'm going to use it to create tutorials for my AATC.
    That way I can do the demo in class and send the pupils away with a summary of the lesson.

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