Are You Going to Quit Facebook? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes. My privacy is important to me.
    2,652 votes

  • No. My mom would kill me.
    2,184 votes

  • No! Facebook is my life!
    4,415 votes

  • I don't have a Facebook account.
    1,109 votes


Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • tablet laptop - 9 years ago

    I dont know how to thank you enough for this poll COOL COOL COOL

  • tablet laptop - 9 years ago

    I dont know how to thank you enough for this poll COOL COOL COOL

  • Jussi Soini - 9 years ago

    The whole privacy issue has been exaggerated. Social media is about sharing and if you don't want something public, you don't post it in the internet, not even to your 200+ so-called "friends". FB has made some mistakes, mainly not making the point clear from the start. Nobody is bitching about Twitter because it's obvious that all tweets are public even if they were intended for friends. I'm definitely supportive of Diaspora-kind of open source projects but meanwhile i'm thankful of the of the help that facebook has provided me with keeping in touch with my friends all over the world.

  • Anthony - 9 years ago

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  • Goldenprince - 9 years ago

    Twitter is just a hater and just to remind u, unlike twitter, fcbuk is a friends meeting place and that's why it rocks. If u dn't want ur posts to be seen or made public, then dn't posts something that is too PRIVATE.

  • realitycheck - 9 years ago

    I find it funny that people in the U.S. are so afraid of having "Big Brother" on their back or spy on them, but they're 'oh so willing' to sign up for Facebook and post tons of pictures of themselves and families. The 'look at me' generation is what's dumbing down America. Facebook is pathetic and if you're on it, so are YOU.

  • Charles - 9 years ago

    i thnk that it'd coulid be help me to be more a social person who can make friends with some peoples i'll tumble on like this cold life on Facebook but Facebook is what it is,it doesn't matter to me even if i'm solitude.

    from my perspecitive,Almost every peoples who have&use it,should be make the most of it as a better life.
    I don't know bout it well,it just my opinion

  • Dave - 9 years ago

    nice poll, but daft options lads

  • bubblelockr - 9 years ago

    the whole privacy issue is ridiculous!! i'm not gonna quit facebook over it. ;-p

  • Ryan - 9 years ago

    i wouldnt mind if people started quiting facebook, because as people spend more time on facebook they sacrifice time they could be spending with people in real life and also people are very different online because you arent in person -real life interactions > facebook chats

  • Andrew - 9 years ago

    The options aren't exactly suitable.

    My personal vote would be "No, but I will be careful what I publish"

  • Mariah - 9 years ago

    Okay. First, bad options. Second, my mom wouldn't care. She'd probably be happy. But I don't want to quit Facebook unless they're going to make you pay for it. And I would not be able to keep in touch with people I don't see.

  • maggie - 9 years ago

    I don't have a Facebook account, don't want one. I don't Twitter or any of the other "social networking" sites. I guess I'm old-fashioned because I have better things to do and enjoy than sitting with my laptop and chatting about what I had for lunch, etc. etc. etc. There's a lot of folks out there that need our help - visit or help feed the elderly; tutor/mentor children; help the churches; take care of our unwanted pets, and the list goes on and on and on. It's sad when the only thing we can think about when we get off work is to rush home and get on Facebook and do the "farming" thing or whatever, instead of going outside and playing ball with our kids or socializing with our friends (in person!). As with anything else, it can be a good thing, but used excessively will do more harm in the long run.

  • Ashley - 9 years ago

    Seriously you don't have to post things that are too private if you don't want to. If your one of those people that think everything is too private then why did you join in the first place?

    I just go on because it is easier to talk back and forth with my friends without wasting gas or money on the phone.

  • shelli - 9 years ago

    Just like the presidential election, I wasn't given a choice that I really could stand behind, however I chose the most acceptable one for me. My Mom will not kill me as she doesn't have a face book account, however it is not my life either. So I selected the one that most fit........and besides I would NEVER say in a million years that face book was my life, even if it was because that tells me someone better get a life........LOL

    Honestly, if you have something to hide, you had better not be on ANY social networking sight, you should just stick to the land line, with a cord and I don't know if that is even safe any more.

    Facebook is what it is. You put information out there and it gets around. If you don't want that to happen then don't put it out there.
    Enuf said.

  • Kirk - 9 years ago

    Like others, options were limited... I would have voted "Yes, I'm likely to quit in the future"

  • Wraxtiorre - 9 years ago

    Not that the corporate bigwigs care about my reasoning--nobody seems to care that they were talking to their stock-holders when they apologized. Nobody seems to hear what the users were saying. That's what we are--endusers. We're not customers! We don't matter to them. As long as they get their revenue through advertising, they could give a toss about the likes of us. Would they start caring if their end-users started shrinking in population? NO! Not as long as the advertising revenues continued to roll in. How else should we "speak" to the corporate "gods" of social media? What's the point of a survey that doesn't allow for THIS answer? I won't quit because quitting would have NO EFFECT on CORPORATE BEHAVIOR!

  • Lloyd Miller - 9 years ago

    Whoever made this poll up is a frickin' retard. Or maybe just plain biased. I'm banking on the former.

  • JPhillips - 9 years ago

    I couldn't find an option on the poll to accurately explain why I rarely visit FB. My kids helped me set up my FB account and gave me a brief overview in how to use it. I also tried to read and understand the tutorials and FAQ's. In the beginning I enjoyed it and visited it almost daily. However within a few months of use, I became ill and wasn't well enough to go online at all. After about 3 months I returned to FB. There had been some changes made to it's format and use. The biggest change for me was all the postings from my friends who were playing games (like mafia wars and Farmville, etc) as well as those who wanted to send out virtual pillow fights, i hearts etc. Considering I'm using a 10 inch mini netbook, my tiny pages were filled with things I could care less about. I don't mind if my friends want to play games but I really don't care to know if they've got a pig or have to get up early to harvest a virtual tomato? I wonder if some of them even realize that they aren't real pigs or tomatoes? LOL! Either way, I am only interested in what my friends are sharing about their REAL life! I enjoy seeing pictures from their past and present lives. I also don't care to see who they have become friends with or which group they have joined. Perhaps there is a way to block or prevent those posts from appearing in my newsfeed? However, I spent several hours trying to find that answer but to no avail. I'm not very tech/pc savvy and sometimes don't understand some of the answers that FB shares. I would also like to be able to visit FB without anyone knowing that I'm on FB! Until I can customize my FB account to alleviate my issues, I won't be going back to it anytime soon! On the bright side, when I stopped going to FB, I gave Twitter a try and found it to be just to my liking! Now I'm on Twitter almost each and every day! I love the immediate responses, chatting with like minded people and the tools and choices that Twitter offers! So there's my explanation of why I quit FB and not just for the day! Of course this is all JMHO!

  • josh - 9 years ago

    really stupid options its not my life and its not because my mom wud kill me but i am keeping mine r they trying to shame us into saying yes if so wow it shows how dumb people doing this really r

  • Ian - 9 years ago

    I agree, the options are not appropriate. I am not leaving Facebook because it is a great tool. I am not hooked on it and I only share what I want people to be able to see.

  • Thomas Bolt - 9 years ago

    None of the above? Social media is as useful as you make it. I use Facebook as a tool. I didn't throw away my hammer after I hit my thumb and don't plan to give up Facebook just because some people are afraid to use it.

  • Michelle Hazard - 9 years ago

    Your comment has been flagged as spam and blocked.

    Because my website URL is a facebook page
    We use facebook for Network our business, why would we chop off our arm?

  • Tim - 9 years ago

    I'm 100% with Julie, if you don't want people to read/see things about you, don't post those things online. Follow that simple rule and FB(along with other Social Media outlets) are enormously effective tools that can help you succeed in the changing global market.

  • John Beauregard - 9 years ago

    I quit yesterday to beat the rush!

  • julie - 9 years ago

    the options are dumb, and the whole "quitting facebook" thing is dumb.
    don't post things online if you don't want it to enter the public domain, people.
    come on.

  • dep - 9 years ago

    Dumb options.

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