Nice Price or Crack Pipe: 1986 V8 Fiero for $8,995.

  • jscott1 - 11 years ago

    Whoever John is he's an idiot. Sounds like another Shaun Hammitt hater wannabe to me.

  • John - 11 years ago

    This car is cheese. It is not making 350 hp from a stock 245 hp TPI motor with horrible flowing ram horn exhaust manifolds, and archies 2 inch crush bent exhaust system. Not only that but the waterpump sits in the wheel well allowiing rocks to tear the belt up. Just imagine that breaking going down the road and your motor overheats because of archies horrible design.

    Not to mention, archies real name is Cletus. now who would want to buy anything from a guy named cletus?

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