Does baseball need to get instant replay?

  • ThumpersMom - 10 years ago

    Oh my, Jim Vanatta. I try hard to teach my kids to not call people names as it isn't nice. And it's also not an effective way to make an argument. "Stale, wrinkled face" and calling someone an idiot does not lend any weight to your argument. You are right that you are very upset about this, so perhaps you should cool off before you post nasty comments. If Galarraga can forgive someone for a mistake, the least you can do is play nice when commenting. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, right?

  • Dan - 10 years ago

    This was a historic moment that could easily be corrected and properly captured as the 21st Perfect Game in Baseball History! What I don't understand is why can a hit or error ruling be changed following a game ending but an obvious confirmed error like last night cannot? It does not make sense. Baseball should just stand up and rule that upon further review, the 27th batter was OUT and the game ended with that batter and the 27th Perfect Game in Baseball History! Why let a glaring historic error stand when baseball can rule otherwise?

  • chap - 10 years ago

    Oh yeah

  • Christine Thorndill - 10 years ago

    technology is here to stay. let's use it for these imperfect moments. times have change and it will not change the game just make it better.

  • JimVanatta - 10 years ago

    All of you old farts that harp for the preservation of a sport that has gone stale over the years should take a close look in the mirror at your own stale, wrinkled face. What if that was your son or grandson on the mound today. How about if you were at todays game. I am guessing you would feel differently. I am with AJ in saying that the 1st poster here is a complete idiot. How old are you anyway? 98?

    I live in Idaho & was listening to espn radio when they cut away for the bottom of the 9th inning today & really wish that they would never have altered their original programming. I am stunned at how upset I am about this.

  • sg - 10 years ago

    Cricket became much better when instant replays were introduced 10-15 years ago. What is wrong with America? What is this reluctance towards using Technology? Please use it and be happy.

  • AJ - 10 years ago

    shutup what are u talking about i am so pissed about that call replays are needed

  • mfglksfj - 10 years ago

    Its a descrace to add replay to baseball. Its history and baseball is a sport where blown calls are a part of the game. History has been made or broken by blown calls. why change it now?

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