How do you feel about "Autism Speaks"


  • Rob Gorski - 13 years ago


    I have to say very well put. My purpose for the poll is just to gage where the community stands on the issue. I personally agree with you. I don't agree with all the methods but I think they are fighting the good fight. I just wonder why so many people are opposed to Autism Speaks? I would guess maybe misinformation. Anyways we are all on the same team. We have to much at stake.....

  • Stuart Duncan - 13 years ago

    People are passionate about what affects them most and obviously if we're here, we're talking Autism. Autism Speaks just tries it's very best to do what's best for Autism, at the very least, what they think is best. I think we'd all agree that we all would do the same. Maybe the same methods, maybe not. But we'd all do what we think is best.
    We are all on the same team, we all are wanting to find a prevention to Autism. Fighting amongst ourselves only delays that end.
    I, personally, don't choose to pick a side on any debate no matter how much I personally believe one way or another. The scientists don't have the answers, the charities don't have the answers, the parents don't have the answers. I most certainly don't have all the answers so it's counter productive for me to pretend I do.This pertains to diets, vaccines, urine tests, marketing methods and all the rest.
    All I can do is be a supportive listener, give advice when asked or warranted and just help to the best of my ability. It's not for me to judge or determine right or wrong.
    Just do what you can in your capacity to either find an answer or help someone who needs it and stop fighting.

  • Rob Gorski - 13 years ago

    I really didn't see what was so bad about it. I personally wasn't offended. It made me think of autism as a predator which really isn't to far off base. I think what people need to remember is that people are not defined by autism. I see my kids as my kids not as autism. I can separate the two. From what I gathered most of the people offended were people with autism. I think as a parent to 3 autistic boys I need people to understand what autism is. I think this video had shock value and some people to be shocked into reality. I can see how it could be easily misinterpreted as demonizing the kids with autism but clearly that was not their intention. As I said my kids are not defined by autism. But as far as a cure goes I honestly would give anything to remove the burden from them. Two of my kids really struggle and it breaks my heart. My third is very high functioning and aside from some anxiety and quirkiness you would never know. My other two I fear will struggle in life and if I had a way to free them from that I would do it. It's really hard when your kids have the regressive form because you had them before they were taken away. I always feel like they are in there somewhere trying to get out.
    Thanks so much for taking the poll and sharing your feelings. Thanks again.....

  • Lee Rhoden - 13 years ago

    The vid has helped address the issue of awareness in my locality at least.
    It's short and concise and yet it packs the horror and beauty we face every day into those short minutes.
    The majority of the public have no understanding of the spectrum and this can really open eyes to the point of, at the very least, exploring further.
    I don't believe in a cure as such, I believe in bridging the gap between our world's a little or no a lot better than we currently do.
    Thanks to the lostandtired (not to mention insurmountable and inspirational) family again for encouraging discussion and promoting awareness.

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