Are British authorities right or wrong to keep Chris Brown out because of his criminal record?

  • chloe - 11 years ago

    i agree with zoe
    it would be diffrent if a normal person done what he did that wouldnt be all over the papers would it? its just because hes famous.
    hes said sorry for what hes done? what more do you want him to do?
    people have been looking forward to his concert and then they see on the news that hes not allowed in this country.
    thats just stupid!
    for all them people that have voted 'RIGHT' to keep him out this country,use wouldnt be botherd if it was anyone else its just because its chris brown!
    i couldnt disagree more.

  • zoe - 11 years ago

    I think chris brown should be allowed into the UK. He's sorry for what he has done and it is not fair on everybody who has bought a ticket and now cannot go. He is only doing a concert for his fans that he loves. Why would he want to cause harm to them? He was going to donate half of the money to a charity.Is it fair to take that away from a charity? He just wants to put the bad things that have happened in the past and move on, this is his first UK concert since the trouble in 2009. He wants to let everbody know how sorry he is. He can't change what has happened in the past.Yes he has a criminal record but why did the manchester appollo even let him book it.I think its abit stupid to cancel it on short notice.Thanks.

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