What should I do about my pin site scars?

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Posted 9 years.


  • Rene - 9 years ago

    Note that I meant reminders that are less visible rather than more so. (Rather than meaning fewer reminders). Came on here to see what others had said and realized I hadn't been as clear as I'd meant to be.

    At any rate, Weaver Street Market in Carrboro had two scar products when I was there yesterday: 1) Scar Heal by Herb Planet (local company that had another product that did wonders with a spot on my forehead ~ from an insect bite ~ that nothing else helped). 2) Scargo

  • Danny Brisson - 9 years ago

    You do have a good life. This is just another reminder.

    You are doing great and an inspiration. I am really happy to hear things are coming along.

    Say hi to Bart and Homer for me.

  • Rene - 9 years ago

    You will be reminded of the beauty of life when you wake up every morning.
    And you can reminisce about this time with less visible reminders rather than more.

  • Henry - 9 years ago

    Believe me, even without the scars you won't have to have visible scars to tell The Neck Incident story in years to come. If the scars remained untreated, people might think you had a double lobotomy - and they WON'T ask you you about it, either.

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