Do you use an ad blocker?

  • Arcy - 10 years ago

    I block all ads by default using my router firewall, a script blocker, and of course an ad blocker. Call me selfish but if I am browsing the web I am doing so on my own terms. If you want money then get a job and buy your domain name like I did. Your viewer and readers who use your site should be able to do so without distracting ads or popups. I blocked all ads on every site I have been and there is nothing you can do. Welcome to the user and hacker revolution. Welcome to the new web where viewers are free to look at a site un-hindered. Muhahahahaha Ahahahahaha. Now I won't be back on this site so go to my youtube page if you want me XD

  • ME - 12 years ago

    I use an Ad Blocker..... Its awesome...

  • Derek D. - 12 years ago

    I just recently installed AdBlocker do block some background music and I might use it for flash ads in the future. I do really dislike them though. I do not work for ad money so I have no real loss other than the lower quality content that might come from lower income for the sites I like.

    I do however block Tynt. I wouldn't do it if not for the ads added to my copied material. That's just plain retarded.

    I don't believe adblocking will cause a second dot-com bust, but there is no doubt that it's costing people money.

    And to the people saying they dislike being bothered, go fuck yourself, you selfish asshole.

    Get a job and go buy some shit. If you don't "believe" in ads there is no you're a dirty hippie. Steal a car and sell it to your hippie friend and buy weed with the money, just please don't infect my internet with your drug fueled communism.

    Jesting aside: you really are a fucking tool.

  • Tiago - 12 years ago

    It's bad enough that so many websites are badly designed and I have to tweak them using local client-side JavaScript and CSS code in my Firefox. I'm not going to let them put sh!t I don't want in my computer, sh!t that I will never even look at (because it blinks) or click in (because I don't car).

    If you want me to buy your sh!t, pay for something I like (like Red Bull having an F1 team or Puma sponsoring sports teams I like) and don't bother me.

    Seriously, how can anyone think that bothering the costumer will get them clients?! Maybe it will, but so will letting the client know about stuff he wants to know about. Spaming people with unrelated crap in hopes that some of that crap will catch their attention is just bullocks! Sponsored links at google search? Great! Links inside relevant articles in some site? Great! Not a banner that blocks the content and has nothing to do with what I'm seeing! Seriously! If I'm browsing a Fallout fansite (the proper Fallout, not that driver that's called FellOutMyButt 3 or something), do you really expect me to want to know about Halo 9?!

  • djn - 12 years ago

    I don't use any kind of ad-blocker. I have no issue with advertisers plastering a blog with ads. I do tolerate even intrusive ads, and I never block an ad on purpose. One thing I'm definitely not giving up. alas. is NoScript. No way I'm allowing unknown and unverified 'content' publishers free play up and down my system unless I'm sure what exactly they're up to.
    Yes, this means I rarely see an ad. I think this is their problem - not mine. The P in PC stands for personal, and I do take personal care and responsibility in making sure that I still have a clean and working PC after a browsing session. There is no reason ads should require scripting instead of plain semantic markup, and I won't allow it anytime soon.
    The same is true for this pool of yours, by the way. Unprofessional is the first word that comes to mind. Now tell me what's your reason for requiring scripting.

  • Burfdl - 12 years ago

    Excellent, I'm the 1337th "permanently" voter :)

  • lee - 12 years ago

    this isn't television.

    traditional advertising shouldn't be expected to operate successfully in such a drastically different medium. i choose when, where and how i want to consume content. only the non-intrusive and cleverly executed ads should hope to survive when marketed towards a readership of early adopters.

    welcome to the new web.

  • Josh - 12 years ago

    I use OpenDNS DNS servers on my router which blocks ads at the DNS lookup level. Great free service for those out there who want to help prevent malware sites from infecting your computers.

  • CJ - 12 years ago

    Only because many sites are *not* good about scrubbing their ads for bad java and other crud.

  • Mister D - 12 years ago

    I can't vote because my blocker blocks the javascript.

  • Ryan - 12 years ago

    I use a click to flash plugin, so that inevitably gets some adds (mind you on all sites).

  • Mark - 12 years ago

    Do Click to Flash, and other Flash blockers count?

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