Adam Lambert's half-shaved look -- love it or hate it? Or ... ?

  • vaunnette fairbank - 11 years ago

    He is very handsome ,I don't know why he wants to look like a freek . He could have been so much more if he wasn'nt trying to go the way of boy george and thoose other freaks. I'm in my 50's and I thought he was just it untill his look now.

  • patti - 11 years ago

    I preferred his hair before the shaving, but it IS interesting! That is what I love about Adam, he is always experimenting, he never stagnates!

  • Guest - 11 years ago

    ADAM looks as hot and beautiful as always. He shaved part of his right side? SO WHAT ? I had something like this in early '80s. That was OK that time , lots of people had such hair cut! Just open up your mind and soul! It's all good, sexy and COOL!
    ADAM ROCKS! HE captives us with his talent and his charisma. HE IS A BIG STAR.

    Good luck to you wild and sweet rock angel!

  • ashley - 11 years ago

    I like that he changes it up. Love that he believes in free expression. Why box you self in? life is too short, try every new experience you can.

    Love the homage to boy George, I think it makes him look very young and a bit vulnerable and is kinda sexy.

    Life is always interesting, with Lambert, I like it.

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