If the Republican Primary for 2nd Congressional District were held today, for whom would you vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Rick Allen
    475 votes

  • Lee Ferrell
    260 votes

  • Mike Keown
    1,211 votes

  • Undecided
    109 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • Rob - 9 years ago

    Seriously? Lee Ferrell has the professional approach? How is spending the last 4 weeks publicly attacking another candidate in his own party professional? As for the false accusations Lee (and you) have been throwing out there, neither of you have been able to back any of what you say up with any facts. However, Keown supporters have been able to prove your claims wrong and they can back that up with facts. Nothing is "sticking" as you say it is. I think Lee has lost all credibility in the eyes of most voters. The 71,000 votes he got in 2008 were people voting straight down party lines. He tried in 2008 to beat Bishop with a campaign run on $10,000. Do you really think he will be able to beat Bishop in 2010 with a campaign run on probably less than $10,000? If Lee wants to be credible he should do what is best for the district which is quit attacking other candidates in the primary. The main goal is beating Sanford Bishop. Attacking others in your own party does not help achieve that goal. There is only one candidate who has the resources, support, organization, money, and character to beat Sanford Bishop. That candidate is Mike Keown!

  • brian - 9 years ago

    Lee Ferrell has the name recognition and the professional approach to win this primary. His attacks on Mike Keown are sticking as Republicans realize how much Mike has cost them in increased property taxes. Rich Allen is a nice gentleman and is from a big county; howver, Lee Ferrell has the credibility of being a Military Veteran during a war-time race. Lee was trusted by 71,000 voters in 2008 - those folks will be back in 2010.

  • Christina - 9 years ago

    I sure hope this poll reflects the July 20th primary. We need Mike Keown as our representative!

  • Phil Deese - 9 years ago

    Mike is the REAL leader in this race....the other candidates just don't have the support or leadership to win in November. Our goal as concerned Americans in this district should be who can throw the socialist Bishop out...if we all support Mike I believe we will win!!
    Semper Fi

  • SSVoter - 9 years ago

    Actually, none of this matters for either candidate. The July 20th vote is what matters and everyone needs to get out and vote their convictions for all candidates in the election. Really look in to all races and all candidates and quit swaying whichever way the wind blows. I don't know who boot bishop or kyle constable are, but incessant arguing is useless... leave that to the candidates to hash out through the issues. No straw poll comments, facebook comments or SWGA politic comments are going to sway me. I won't reveal who my vote is for, but you can guarantee that it has not waivered with the wind. You won't see me gung ho for a candidate wearing stickers, writing blogs and holding signs and then the next day rooting for another. Quit the pettiness and let's let the candidates speak for themselves.... ALL of the candidates.

  • Kyle Constable - 9 years ago

    Also, Rick Allen's numbers in this poll, even if they have been skewed, are quite impressive for someone who was told he didn't stand a chance at all in the primary and wouldn't break 10%.

  • Kyle Constable - 9 years ago

    I've been following this poll closely, and Rick hasn't been under 10% since last night. Just saying... And to be honest, as an employee of Rick, he's gaining much more momentum than Keown. He meets so many people every day that haven't even heard of Keown or have seen Keown's signs but don't care about him. Rick is meeting everyday people across the entire district, and I don't know if I can say the same about Mike.

  • boot bishop - 9 years ago

    You are correct, however, I could see the Keown numbers being more correct than the Allen numbers. Just by judging from past straw polls Allen's numbers in this poll are extremely high. Not saying they are wrong just saying they are a bit unbelievable. The fact that he has gained so many votes just in the last couple of hours is alarming. For the majority of this poll, Allen was at about 8% with Ferrell at 4% which has been normal numbers for both in other straw polls. Either way 60% for Keown with four choices on the board is pretty good. Lower than the other polls but still pretty good especially if someone has been voting too much. Interesting.

  • Kyle Constable - 9 years ago

    I don't know who did it, but it certainly wasn't me. I've been referring my friends to come vote on this poll all day. I want this to be an honest process. And to be quite frank, no straw poll can accurately show what's on the minds of SWGA voters.

  • boot bishop - 9 years ago

    Kyle exactly. This poll is very unreliable. By the way Rick Allen's vote numbers in the last 10 minutes were just as high as Keown's. It looks like someone is distorting numbers.

  • Kyle Constable - 9 years ago

    Boot Bishop: Just for the record, I could have voted an infinite number of times on that one, but I didn't. Just like I only voted once here, I only voted once there. There are ways of voting infinitely, though. I want to see this process play out. There is serious desperation in the Keown camp. It's quite interesting...

  • boot bishop - 9 years ago

    In a similar straw poll done last week on the Boot Bishop Facebook Fan Page, Mike Keown received 89% of the vote while Rick Allen and Lee Ferrell were in single digits. This poll was much more reliable than this peach pundit poll because you weren't able to cheat and distort numbers on the facebook poll.

  • Kyle Constable - 9 years ago

    Holy cow! Mike Keown just jumped over 100 votes in less than 10 minutes. Talk about desperation... It's just an online poll!

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    And I saw Mr. Allen's numbers rising very fast. Almost 3 or 4 votes every 20 seconds. Seems very odd to me.

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    I find these numbers very unbelievable. First of all Mr. Allen has more votes than he has follower on Facebook or Twitter where he has advertised this poll and I don't think the people of southwest georgia would find this poll on Peach Pundit on their own. They just don't pay attention much to Atlanta news and blogs. A quick look on google will give you multiple ways to cheat this poll and I think someone has distorted Mr. Allen's numbers.

  • John - 9 years ago

    Go Mike Keown! He is the only candidate with any experience in public service and the ONLY candidate who has the support throughout the district to beat an 18 year incumbent in November.

  • Kyle Constable - 9 years ago

    Go Rick Allen! He's the only candidate that has "common sense solutions" and can beat Sanford Bishop in November!

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