If the Republican Primary for 4th Congressional District were held today, for whom would you vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Victor Armendariz
    488 votes

  • Lisbeth "Liz" Carter
    467 votes

  • Larry Gause
    62 votes

  • Cory Ruth
    303 votes

  • Undecided
    153 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • Jim - 9 years ago

    Cory Ruth all the way!

  • Jill - 9 years ago

    Eric - do a tiny bit of digging and you'll find quite a bit. The campaign asked me not to bash. Lift a finger and you'll put two and two together, you don't have to ask me to do it. Do I have proof, absolutely, but do your homework and you will too.

  • Eric - 9 years ago

    I would actually like to know, Jill, what you think you know about the competitors since you feel you know them so well. I'm very intrigued that you can say that and not put substance behind it.

  • Jill - 9 years ago

    Liz is the individual running on the republican ticket who will uphold the Constitution, has both executive management and business ownership experience and who will fight for the rights of all individuals regardless of color, religion and political view. I urge you to get behind Liz and help her sweep District 4. She is the right person to change District 4 and to be a STRONG voice of reason and honesty in DC.
    I'm not going to bash her competitors, but there are HUGE ethical and experience differences with these candidates. Liz deserves your support and has been honest about who she is and what she believes in from day one.

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