Do You Care That Tony Hayward Goes Sailing?

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Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • bill wilson - 9 years ago

    he should be forced to sail- in the gulf of mexico.

  • RESOURCES CORUPT - 9 years ago

    iT'S NONBODY'S BUSINESS WHAT HE DOES ON HIS DAY OFF. The mass hysteria comming out of the USA smacks of massive guilt to me- if the average US citizen was not using orders of magnitude more oil per head than the rest of the world - if they were not desperately grasping for every material thing they can get their hands on and acting like the bully of the world to get it...then no one would need to be drilling at these risky depths.

    Of course the companies invloved cut corners because the "markets" force companies to do that or go to the wall. That's the wonderfull thing about the capitalist system- everything is forced to the lowest common denominator in order that a few can get rich.

    I am based in Europe but was fortunate to be contact with Corprate collegues based near the pentagon on 9/11- their utter shock at how much the world hates them was evident in their tears of disbelief. Ever since that day they have been trying to blame everyone but themselves for their own greed and material aggression... nine times out of ten in this world you get what you deserve. I mean if you were in a marriage where your partner regularly used force to get want they wanted from you do you think they would really have the right to think you should be happy in the relationship - or think well of them?

    Hopefully the series of setbacks for the materailist system that is destroying this planet will begin to make people understand we cannot continue like this without serious consequences for humanity.

  • someguy - 9 years ago

    what a ridiculously useless poll

  • i care for the constitution - 9 years ago

    I think that if anybody is angry at Tony Hayward for taking a day off during this crisis, they should be equally angry at Obama because he too took a day off on THE SAME DAY as Tony Hayward except that Obama was golfing with Biden

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