Which Is the Better OS: iOS 4 or Android FroYo?

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Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • Orrin - 8 years ago

    You Android users are just jealous.

    Proof is in the pudding:


  • tona - 9 years ago

    im one of a twin and we seem to be on opposit sides of the world in terms of mobile hansets we use i love the freedom and customisabitiy of android handsets while my brother regularly spreads both butt cheeks to get shafted by steve jobs and loves it. Me personally i see this fight going the same way as the battle of the imac and microsoft back in the day the platform that offers users the best vaulue for your money with a great user experiance without the tight controls will eventually prove to be the most popular in the end with the iphone being reserved for those poeple who have more money than sence that just want the apple name attatched to there overated phone.

  • fazlee - 9 years ago

    Froyo definitely will win. Iphone OS4 is a joke =)

  • Tap - 9 years ago

    Galaxy S... Got one! Android 2.2 Froyo... Please wait! Well, I do believe in the openess of Android but as long as we can´t buy apps (Sweden), Froyo just a subject in forums and Flash doesn´t exist. Hands down for existing customer care at apple. At least apple don't tell untill they are able to deliever. Google & Co seems to Tell, talk, talk some more, wait, customize, talk, wait, maybe, You may get Froyo one day and then you got Flash 10.1

    I still believe in the openess off Android. I hope... for a better future with Android

  • Rachdanon - 9 years ago

    Android is a smarter more advanced OS.

  • iApple - 9 years ago

    No worries iPhone.. I'll pray harder for your stats to rise.. http://yfrog.com/miautomotivatorj

  • Colum O'Dwyer - 9 years ago

    It is comparing an Apple and an Orange. iOS4 is not open source and runs on one device Android OS is open and runs on multiple devices. The truth is all the people who are leaving comments are to some degree a nerd. Which means either they are an Apple Fan Boy or a Google Fan Boy. This is not really an issue of Freedom. It is two different mind sets Apple has one and Google has another. For consumers iOS4 is easier – for geeks and nerds Android is open so they can get to the root of the phone, and be a geek or a nerd and play with command lines.

    My mom wants a phone that is easy to use and she can't get to places she doesn't understand, that is who iOS4 is made for. Android is good but trying to explain a task manger to my mom is like well you know...

    Android is cool don't get me wrong but when compared to iOS4 one company that makes the hardware and the software it is harmony. Android just becomes a medley never sounding as good as the original.

    But I do run an Apple Blog So I am Bias.

  • Step Lewis - 9 years ago

    The Android OS dominates iOS 4 in so many ways its not even funny... Google has done an outstanding job in creating an oustanding OS that let developers be as creative as they possibly can be. With apps like FreeStyle King that let you record your voice over hot hip-hop/r&b tracks, save them and send them to your friends... search "freestyle" on the Android Market.

  • Shizzle - 9 years ago

    Hands down Android feels better. I've had the 3GS and Nexus One and I'm sorry; there is absolutely no competition 'here. iOS4 was a total let down. I've sunk more money into my 3GS but really haven't touched it in weeks. And yes: Andriod came after the iPhone and it does a of things better then iOS. Have to try Android with an "open" mind before dissing it. Not open? Then iOS is the right choice for you!

  • nick - 9 years ago

    It's like this either you want a phone that does what you want or you buy a phone that some prick (jobs) sets up and totally dictates what apps and content is allowed for you to use. Me personally, I'm not one to be treated like I'm back in kindergarten. Freedom of choice will always win in a open market where change is constant. That is why Google left apple and why apple always seems to fall short on great ideas and innovations. So to you android I salute you on the destruction of any and all "I" devices may Google reteach what Microsoft did so long ago.

  • Hunt Henning - 9 years ago

    There is a difference between doing something first & doing it well. That is why I prefer the iOS 4.0. Background tasks & folders are done better & I still believe the iPhone apps aren't as good as Android. Cut & paste is much better on the iPhone also & why do you really need a full file system on a mobile OS. I get tired of Google using me as a beta tester and then casting me aside when I don't switch immediately to what they want me to. The pure Android phones are good, but the spin-offs are often crippled or don't work as well as normal Android.

  • John Cena - 9 years ago

    I like fucking Nextel sistem best.

  • carlleigh - 9 years ago

    No Flash, No Java. No Future....... The more choices a business or developer has the better.

  • Visitor - 9 years ago

    While I agree about the open nature of Android, the lack of stability on most of the devices, the annoying crashes and laggy software (both third party and OS features such as the on screen keyboard) make it a bit of a hit or miss in my opinion. Some devices (EVO 4G, Incredible, etc) are very impressive, but having had a jailbroken iPhone since day one, I've had every single feature that Apple has released since such as tethering, copy/paste (with a much better implementention that adds History, Favorites, and much much more to the OS clipboard), multitasking, folders, full phone tracking for $20 a year (instead of the $99 apple charges) via Cylay... I could go on. Plus I have full file system access, and can access it wirelessly as if it was any other open device. Basically I think Android is well on it's way to being a true leader in the market, as long as hardware manufacturers don't screw it up, but the iPhone OS (or iOS as they named it now) is the most amazing mobile OS out there one jailbroken. I know this is not exactly what this poll asks, I just thought it'd speak my mind. Android, as great as it can be on good hardware, hasn't been able to give me what the iPhone and iOS has thus far.

  • tinyethan - 9 years ago

    Comments here are impressively kind. I agree with most here. iOS4 seems to only be releasing features that have been available on Android, and Android is simply moving the bar further ahead of Apple. I would like to see Apple stay competitive, but by refusing other technologies, restricting what files can be moved and how, and releasing a single phone per year, I don't see how they will. Most iDevice lovers always seem surprised by the features available on my Evo. So yea, Apple fans don't get what they don't see.

  • Joe - 9 years ago

    lol..pc world just posted how bad multitasking FAILED on iOS4. GO ANDROID! CANT WAIT FOR MY INCREDIBLE!

  • Mad cat - 9 years ago

    Having used iOS for several years now and recently getting my first Android phone I agree that anyone thinking that iOS is superior has simply not used Android. The ease of use, openness, and infinite configurability of Android has to be used to fully appreciate.

  • obiwan - 9 years ago

    I also agree with Fred. I think most Apple users fall victim to the walled garden effect, to the point where they aren't even aware of what's out there beyond those walls. They think the iPride is the best thing since sliced bread, meanwhile the world outside has already seen everything they have plus more.

  • zoeman - 9 years ago

    Fred is right...Android takes it one step further with flash and the OS speed boost...its unmatched...and with all the new hardware coming out that pushes those limits even further it will be amazing what android can do...

  • steve m - 9 years ago

    Having had both an iPhone and now an Android device, Android is clearly the winner, the only way Apple could compete is by going open source which will never happen, for all you happy iphoners I can do what I want when I want on my Android phone, no dictating to me from Mr Jobs !

  • Fred Sikes - 9 years ago

    Anyone who believes that ios is superior to Froyo has never seen Froyo. almost all of the features that just came to there iphone have been with android since the beginning. Froyo takes it to the next level with twice the speed of ios, wifi hotspot, fast Flash, etc. Apple fans don't get what they don't see.

  • David Sikes - 9 years ago

    Whoa! Android FroYo is ahead (right now) - I did not anticipate that. Android just doesn't significantly impress me as iOS does. As one who has invested a lot in apps, Android will have to work pretty hard to woo me away from iDevices.

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