Why did Jake and Vienna really break up?

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  • Angelia - 10 years ago

    What a dick Jake is. He cannot shed a tear for his broken engagement, but he cries when he is cut from Dancing with the Stars. Jake give Chelsea a kiss for us. He is a fake liar.

  • greenie - 10 years ago

    He is a narcissistic prick. He had thought Vienna was a cute dizzy blond that would put up with is stuff and demanding attitude. Did he get a reality check. Surely she made errors too, but whats perfect in an imperfect relationship. I am happy to see that he exposed his true self on national TV, all by himself. Repulsive individual.

  • Maria - 10 years ago

    It is not like Vienna is a saint. She used her sex very well to try to get what she wanted. If she was in such a bad relationship she could ask her dad for plane ticket money, didn't her father said that he was only protective of his little girl. Please, she had her own agenda when she went into the show. She is not that young either, she is 23 y.o. and has been married before. It is really stupid of both of them to air their relationship in public like they did yesterday, there is no decency in either one of them.

  • Ashley - 10 years ago

    I completely agree with Stacie that he is a complete egomaniac. Granted they are both into themselves too much, but he takes it to a new level. During the interview after the bachelorette, he just seemed giddy everytime she got mad or upset. He was completely cold hearted. You could see the rage building in him the moment it started. You can tell he cuts her down every chance he gets. Granted she is very young and whiny and did interrupt him a lot... But if you just look at his face, you know shes telling the truth and he isn't. He was the same way with his dancing with the stars partner.

  • wise_woman - 10 years ago

    Jake is obviously impotent. I can tell by the way he purses his lips. I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. She was obviously sex starved and did the best she could under the circumstances trying to make it work. Such a beautiful young lady. I hope she find love with a big bear with a big P...

  • Stacie - 10 years ago

    I've been married to a control freak and a ego maniac. Jake is clearly one. They with hold affection as a form of punishment if you don't totally conform and constantly tell them how perfect they are. I think Jake was also making Vienna feel helpless because she couldn't get a job and had to depend on him. I think that is why she sold her story so that she could regain some control over her life. Vienna is young and she came across as immature but it is clear she's been tramatized by Jake's treatment of her. I really think Jake is a jerk.

  • marilynn - 10 years ago

    I didn't like either of them. He thought all the girls were amazing, then chose Vienna, who was only conniving. i think he only wanted publicity.

  • Jem - 10 years ago

    because he's gay!

  • Glenda Chartier - 10 years ago

    Jake is such a wimp....he and Ali would have been perfect together as she is just as wimpy as he is.......

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