What's your birth control method?


  • Eve - 13 years ago

    I feel like I've tried a number of hormonal methods and didn't like any of them - NuvaRing (made me a crying mess), the Patch (not bad actually but my insurance wouldn't cover it), a couple different Pills (killed my sex drive). So I've just gone off the pill and we're back to condoms and I feel like doing it again. I tried getting an IUD but the gynecologist was not able to insert it. That was a bad day - she told me three times "If you'd had a baby this would be a lot easier." Ugh. My fat was never an issue in getting bc though. She didn't blame my fat, but my uterus which is apparently oddly situated.

  • SarahMich - 13 years ago

    My partner has a vasectomy. I've also done hormonal birth control, but mostly for regulating my irregular, painful periods. I've also done the IUD before the vasectomy.

  • CTJen - 13 years ago

    I always joke w/ my midwife that we are using a combination of condoms and abstinence.

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