Do you want to see more housing and businesses options built on the North Shore? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes, there is plenty of room for growth in Fawnskin.
    10 votes

  • No, Fawnskin is the one area of the Valley that remains a small town.
    30 votes

  • Unsure at this time.
    0 votes


Posted 9 years.

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  • Kevin - 9 years ago

    Fawnskin is in a sad state of affairs! If there is anyone who truly lives in Fawnskin and says they don't want growth (for the better) needs to have their heads examined. I'll take on anyones debate that can say that seeing a once botique community like Fawnskin turn into a "Ghost Town" is a good thing then lets talk! This is a Southern California resort town that has all the ingredients to be a rich community like Tahoe but so poorly managed like Lucerne Valley that we should just start calling this Lucerne Valley Hills! I'm ready, if I cant' get my property values up and more business revenue lets call a spade a spade and change the name to Lucerne or Barstow!

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