My preferred rail network for the Klang Valley looks the most like...

  • AK - 11 years ago

    i think FikirRunding's 2 city circle lines are better in design to Gamuda. And this eventhough i live in YTL's Sentul East/West and the Gamuda circle incorporates Sentul.

    FikirRunding gives alot more stops within the city, and the impetus needed for KL City to grow. For example, to travel from IFD to KLCC you interchange at Ampang Park. travel from IFD to Raja Chulan (where most banks are) you interchange at Prince Court or LTAT.

    Gamuda's circle radius is too large covering suburban areas. I believe circle lines are there to radiate more stops on existing lines, so naturally it should first be a tight circle within the city. later if need be the more circles can be added (like the inner outer ring roads we have).

  • cs - 11 years ago

    please add more 10 lrt line for cover whole KL and selangor route.
    please refer korea lrt route or singapore mrt route. every station need escalator and lift. shah alam, oug, serdang,equine, bangi, putra jaya, cyberjaya, kepong, gombak, jalan ipoh, jalan kuching, dont have cover yet.

  • brucie - 12 years ago

    FikirRUnding's closest to Seoul I think..If ONLY the bigwigs follow plus big contractors should reason more in their design..

    Power to the People!!

  • micheal vernon - 12 years ago

    The FikirRunding design appears to be more practical and blends well with the existing LRT/Monorail syatem. Many of the existing roads where the system is being planned by MMC Gamuda is already cogested and too close to residential areas. One example is Jalan Maarof in Bangsar . It would be better if part of the Circle lines bypasses this area and instead links up in KL Sentral and crosses across Federal Hill to Pusat Damansara.The System can then trail Jalan Damansara to Kota Damansara.

  • KL Rocks - 12 years ago

    My KL-ites,

    LRT is a better option than MRT coz our ridership traffic is alot but not "really heavy". Hence designwise, LRT is sufficient but ofcourse with essentially 4 railcars (PUTRALine) for each trip and first class headway schedule (2-3minutes) and dispersed popular station locations, such features are fundamental. So, it seems, FikirRunding's design is more worthy and practical than the rest.

    This is a great move to push KL into a more cosmo-asialike status. Rather than kudos to Singapore all the time, blimey, they dont 'really' even have durians...

  • Rail-Romeo - 12 years ago

    Greetings Rail advocates,

    I find that FikirRunding's route alignment superior to that of MMC insofar it has three new lines ( two criss-cross, one radial) and coupled with extensions of Putra and STar lines respectively. THis 'backbone' goes to almost everywhere that one would wish for. Nevrtheless, I suspect FikirRunding has not revealed all there is to their idea. A great comprehensive proposal is needed and not just an ordinary proposal just for SPN to expand its vehicle kms and hours, I guess.

    Come on, FikirRunding...

  • Kay See Jee - 12 years ago

    KL badly needs a system to ensure that at peak hours, people can get in and out of the city quickly and predictably. It should also encourage people to leave their cars at home or park and ride. To rely on buses totally is not realistic - how will the buses move in peak hour jams? A combination of an MRT and restructured bus routes would be the ideal solution.

    I used to live in the suburbs and worked in KL for a year. It was a nightmare getting in and out of the city, spending almost 3 hours everyday driving. I couldnt take it and quit the job. The buses would not have been any better, and forget about taxis. How can KL be a world class city with something so basic like this not sorted out??

    If one travels enough, you will see what is happening in other cities. It is a no-brainer what the right system should be.We can argue till the cows come home, but we need to have a system with the adequate capacity to handle future traffic.

    If the government is willing to invest this money to make the Klang Valley a better place for all, I for one will welcome it. Better the money be spent to benefit the few million heavy tax payers in the Klang Valley than for it to end up in some other questionable projects, and still suffer a national budget defict!! At least we will have something to show for the taxes we pay, which frankly I don't know what we are getting in return now. But lets finish the evaluation of all the proposals properly and quickly and may the best proposal win.

  • A Cassava - 12 years ago

    I voted for Fikir Runding as I like the rationale behind the routes alignment. According to Mr.Siraj the CEO (got his email from transit yahoo group), the idea behind the city circle line in addition to the additional 2 radial lines was to ensure that at least 90% of KL CBD (area within MRR1) will be no more than 300 metres away from the nearest metro station. This is critical as the imposition of parking tax (rate between 100-200%) within the KL CBD is dependent upon achieving that level of coverage. The revenue from parking tax, in addition to the fare revenue, will make the entire project commercially viable (as per Fikir Runding cashflow estimates) as it will ensure high total (direct and indirect) riderships.

  • CuLpriT - 12 years ago

    The MMC Gamuda red line stop in bkt bintang was gre8, however the green and red line seems wasted, it serves northwest - southeast area. We can have another new line bringing ppl from other suburban into the city.

  • Earl - 12 years ago

    more heavy train lines

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