Which do you prefer: the iPhone 4 or the Droid X? (Poll Closed)

  • Apple iPhone 4
    3,111 votes

  • Motorola Droid X
    5,067 votes

  • Tie: It's just too close to call.
    622 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • tablet laptop - 9 years ago

    I dont know how to thank you enough for this poll COOL COOL COOL

  • applesucks - 9 years ago

    Apple kills the whole of idea of a 'phone'. The new iphone4 has a big antenna issue. What good a phone can be if you can't make calls with good signal strength. And if you are ready to compromise on it, just get an iPad. I would any day for for DROID X. Excellent screen size, better camera, and of course better network (Verizon). I am waiting for 7/15 when Droid X comes out. I am going to switch carriers from at&t to Verizon.

  • Michael Knorr - 9 years ago

    Droid for sure. It has the better carrier. But if Apple and Verizon do team up it'd be a close call.

  • joe - 9 years ago

    Apple: Computers for people that don't know crap about computers. You know why the iPhone is so popular? It's because the majority of the people in the world that can afford an iPhone don't know a damn thing about technology. Apple products because popular due to an AMAZING marketing campaign and the "Ohhh... Shiny!" design of their products. They were throwing cool looking Macbooks with the glowing electric blue Apple logos in movies and TV shows. Then came the iPhone. Now, their fan base is so completely clueless that they'll stand in line for weeks to purchase a product they've never even held in their own hands.

    There's nothing remarkable about the new iPhone. It's the same crap (faster, though) that they've been recycling for the past several years. There's nothing the iPhone has that the Droid X, HTC EVO, and practically every other new Andriod device on the market doesn't already do or do much better. Every new gimmick on the iPhone4has a hitch. New, cool antenna: but you can't actually hold the phone or you lose reception. New, cool FaceTime application: but you can only use it over Wi-Fi and only with other iPhone4's. Sharper screen: but it's still much smaller than the other Andriod phones. Same applications. They have a TON of apps available: but only small percentage of those apps are worth installing (iFart... really?!). All this and your still tied down to iTunes. Recently, Apple changed their EULA to force their customers into agreeing to allow Apple to track their location. I say forced because if you don't agree to the EULA, Apple disables iTunes functionality on your iPhone.

  • Mathew Rice - 9 years ago

    Although I feel and agree that the DROID X is the favorite in this battle, the issues with Android that sway a consumer to iPhone are still present, even in Froyo.

    When Android finally grows into itself, maybe then hardware won't be the only reason to like Google OS mobile devices.

  • Robert - 9 years ago

    I just jumped from 3G to iPhone 4... Amazing!!!! It just gets faster and more polished. Very glad I waited for this iteration.

  • Obiwan - 9 years ago

    After looking at some of these polls from Mashable, it doesn't really seem to matter which one wins. The HTC EVO beat out the iPhone 4 in one poll, and Froyo beat out iOS4 in another poll. The iPhone 4 is undoubtedly going to make a crapload of money, and I certainly hope for the continued success of Android, speaking as an owner of the original Droid.

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