Is it unfair to black women that rainbow men prefer thin over thick?


  • Speak for yourself - 5 years ago

    Chubby, fat and or obese isn't something most women want to celebrate. Be "proud" when you've actually done something .. like earned a Graduate degree or higher in petroleum engineering or anesthesia- that's something to be proud of.

    Anyone can pump out kids and look like a tub of lard. More men (all races) need to embrace thinner phenotypes and say "no" to the fat.

  • Telena - 9 years ago

    Black women naturally have large behinds and large breasts, so to try and alter our body image just to date White and non-Black men is hypocritical. In many other posts, there has been talk about Black women needing to accept our natural beauty and stand up against ignorant Black men's high expectations in terms of hair and skin color, but to then bend over backwards and warp ourselves into insecurity over body shapes is just plain contradicting.


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