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Blackfive poll: How do you feel about the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,019

  • Sharon - 13 years ago

    My oldest son is there in Marjeh. As an Afghan farmer told him, America will never defeat the Talib in Afghanistan because we are too civilized. We could not possibly be as cruel, barbaric and evil as they are. Always listen to the boots on the ground. They, too, can see the big picture.l

  • BravoBilly - 13 years ago

    Since one can take troops and transfer them TDY to a Combat Zone and swear up and down that you have no troops in that Zone, why worry about ROE unless something goes wrong? Then later you can have a big fire here to celebrate it in Missouri? HUH?

  • SEAL76 - 13 years ago

    ROEs are total crap. Rules in a war are completely absurd. The USA and most of our allies know the difference between right and wrong. We do not as a rule kill "innocent civilians". However the bad guys kill whoever is in their way. We don't need rules. I went through the same BS in Vietnam. Luckily I was a SEAL and we operated in such small elements we could ignore some of the rules some of the time. We didn't drag a correspondent around with us. The only thing ROEs accomplish is getting good Americans killed.

  • SlimReed - 13 years ago

    If the true civilians don't want to get dead, then they'll stop hanging out with the bad guys. That's what works. That's how they'll turn to us and not the Taliban. This isn't some civilized or formerly civilized nation; this is a country of tribal entities and alliances where for millennia force and strength rule.

  • Richard Roark - 13 years ago

    "When you have them by the b*lls, heir hearts and minds will follow" MAC-V '69-'70
    COIN can't work as advertised when the US Ambassador to the country is looking for a regime change.

  • Rick "DOC" Wright - 13 years ago

    My only son is f****ng son is DEAD over this S**t. K.I.A. 1-13-10 maywand district kandaher province. He told me the bastards don't even run from our aircraft any more.

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