• 99racer - 10 years ago

    plane and simple get transponders or you dont get the wwmt!

  • Ken Hansen - 10 years ago

    I was at Atomic and watched the race. It was filled with cautions but a very good race night all in all. As far as lapped cars in the field we place them in the back on restarts along with the ones about to go a lap down. Atomic does have a transponder loop in the track and we tested it during this race!! I have tried to hand score before and it is the worst job at a dirt track. They should all be proud just doing it and anyone claiming cheating should try it sometime.

    Congrats to Ron on the voting and remember there is a qualifier for this allstar race also and it is based on wwmt Contingency points (NOT IMCA POINTS)

    I hope that over time all dirt tracks can run transponders on regular nights it takes a ton of work load off of the lap counters.

    See you all in Atomic September 17th and 18th

  • Les - 10 years ago

    PS-Congrats to Ron for winning the poll here!!!

  • Les - 10 years ago

    I just read all the comments up to now, and it is so sad that racing has this issue. It is a very competitive sport, like any other, and we all want things to run smoothly and fair. Hence, the sportsmanlike conduct that should be happening at EVERY event.

    It would be a almost perfect world if we could afford to have transponders on every car for every race, like in the Radio Controlled car races. No worries...how you finish is how you finish. If you made all your laps, then you made all your laps. As for the crew, from what I have seen over the years, it boils down to education. Educate your staff and assure your participants and specatotors that the decisions made on your track will be backed by everyone on your staff. Produce evidence of your decisions in the rule book in which you govern your event. Bottom line...HAVE YOUR STAFF'S BACK!!

    If what anyone is saying about "unfair" tactics at some of the tracks is becoming a norm, then the drivers need to stand up and make a statement about it to change it. Or simply eliminate that track(s) from being in the tour of any kind to avoid drama. This is a family sport. Just because you have family running a track or participating in the race, does not give one the privilege of placing drivers in the order "they" see fit. Go up to the track officials and get an explanation at the time it happened. If you have video proof of an incident you want corrected, product it and get results. I have personally seen someone take a video to the officials in an event that they called incorrectly and they changed the results and the award went to the appropriate winner. So that speaks volumes to me about how to rectify this situation.

    We are all adults here so maybe we should all start acting like adults?

    Thanks so much for allowing us to vote, Ken! This has certainly been an interesting poll race! ;)

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Thanks for the support Cher Rae!! :-) It just made me mad to see this taking place on a public forum where all summer all of us have been posting regularly and supporting our drivers then on the last night it went in that nasty direction. Ron, you just summed it all up in your post and I don't think anybody could have said it any better than you just did. All of the drivers have done great all season and everybody needs to just focus on that and let this go. I will however, apologize on my own behalf if I have offended anyone here as that was NEVER my intention. We're all adults here so let's just channel all of our positive energy to the drivers for the next race!!! We all know it's going to be a good one. See you in Atomic City everyone! Grandma LOVES RFM Racing!

  • Anna - 10 years ago

    WHOO HOO!!! We did it!! no more running around to 15 computers a day to vote!! Congratulations Ron!! Now get in that car and drive it like you stole it!!

  • Ron Moser - 10 years ago

    Thanks to everyone for voting for me. I understand this is a sport where emotions run high but for me it's a sport I love. I don't want all this animosity between drivers, drivers family/crew. So, if anyone has been offended on behalf of RFM racing, I'm sorry.

    Let's go racing!!!!

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    HMMMMMM wrong again the SUZYQ. we only vent on the AMR race site So I am sorry for making your thinking wrong. I have said what i said and I am not afraid to use my real name. That is where I am leaving it nothing more nothing less...

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    Congrats RFM nice job in winning the poll Good luck in the race....

  • David penrod sr. - 10 years ago

    Yes Clem cris is doing a nice job

  • David penrod sr. - 10 years ago

    Yes Clem cris is doing a nice job

  • David penrod Sr. - 10 years ago

    Congratulations. Ron go for it buddy. Have a good race. Will see u at atomic

  • SUZYQ - 10 years ago

    Excluding all the RFM comments, it looks like the majority of the other comments are coming from Penrod's family and/or those who have been listening to someone spout off about favoritism out at Atomic City! If you don't like racing at AMR, then don't but don't try to ruin it for the others who are out there for the love of the race. Yes, Saturdays race was a mess with all the cautions but to accuse the lap counter of cheating is just plain wrong. Does it get frustrating? Yes, no doubt about it. Do some drivers get away with some things and other don't. Yes, no doubt about that. Is your driver PERFECT? NO, deal with it. Accept the fact that things will not always go your way and move on. The whining is getting old!!

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Congratulations are in order here Ron! We are all so very proud of your accomplishment!

  • Wild West Modified Tour - 10 years ago

    Just to let everybody know, this is not the place to rant and rave about weekly racing shows. Anyways, After two full months of voting, 2,403 total votes, and 638 of them votes went to this years WWMT All-Star Fan Vote Winner!. Who will be in the 2010 EQ IMCA Wild West Modified Tour Choices Cleaning Unleashed All-Star Race? He hails from West Valley City, Utah. Driver of the #68, RON MOSER!!!! Congratulations Ron! You will be racing with the stars of the WWMT on September 25, 2010 in Price, Utah during The Clash. Thanks to all that has voted.

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    Holy Crap!!!!!! I do agree with what lindsey said this is and has got ugly and that is not right for it to be like this. I thought it was great racing from all of the cars and drivers that showed up at Atomic City. Good luck at the last tour race it will be as good as the rest of them have been. Here again GREAT job David 20,Ron 68, Wyatt 72w, Scott 76.

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    I was typing while Idaho Race Fan posted so I'm also wondering if he/she has any proof of any of the accusations they make? And again, what's with the pseudonym? How come you guys haven't been posting during the entire voting period? Amazing you all three make your appearance tonight! IN *MY* OPINION IF YOU POST MAKING ACCUSATIONS LIKE THESE, YOU COULD AT LEAST "HAVE THE BALLS" TO USE YOUR REAL NAME! Have a nice night everyone and may the best man win. WHOMEVER THAT MAY BE!

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Wow! Those are very bold accusations to make Disappointed and ME; do either of you have any proof? Don't you think if someone was going to attempt to "buy the officials off" they'd at least buy themselves the checkered flag? Like Mr. Penrod said that is "YOUR OPINION". You know what they say about opinions don't you? I believe the classy term "A-holes" was thrown out in one of those posts. Let me know if you need me to explain that analogy to you.

    I think I'll speak for a lot of people when I say how pathetic to see that on the last day/night of the voting it has turned into these FALSE accusations and personal attacks. I am obviously on Team RFM here people, but I wish the best of luck to every single driver on that track and I pray everyone remains safe during every single race! In fact, all of us on Team RFM do; it's called sportsmanship and I can define that too if neccesary. See you in Atomic City!!!

    P.S. If you're such fans, why did you post under those clever pseudonyms?

    P.P.S. Don't forget........... Grandma LOVES #68 RFM racing!

  • Idaho Race Fan - 10 years ago

    I am so glad you think we are losers...I am sure there is lots of videos of RFM spinning himself out on purpose just so he did NOT get lapped by the 18z Zane and made go to the back like everyone else. RFM spun out just miliseconds before the caution came out. The other cars got to move up cause of the wreck in turn 4 that made 4 other cars get off the track due to their two cautions in the main. The race began like 8 laps after they finally got everyone lined back up in the right spots. We are not LOSERS, we just like to play fair here and at Atomic City they dont play fair points wise, car builds, none of that. They play favorites, give extra points to family that races out there, they allow illegal stuff to be put on cars and race just to win, Then when someone that has balls to say something they (the track officials) get mad and start taking points away and placing them in the wrong finishing position. This happens to more then about 6 cars out there.

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    Drama, Drama, Drama, a bunch of sore losers!!!! GO RFM Racing!!!!

  • Utah Fan - 10 years ago

    Ok, so maybe some people are forgetting that Ron was ahead of #20 and #7 before the yellow came out for the #6 car being parked sideways/backwards in turn 4. The yellow was already out before Ron spun that is why he remained ahead in points. Ron got screwed because they should have put him behind the last car on the lead lap not the end of the longest line. Both Chad and the #7 were a lap down to Zane at the time and Ron was next to be lapped but didn't offically get lapped because the yellow came out.

  • Ken Hansen - 10 years ago

    Voting ends tonight. We had a great time in Idaho. Both tracks where fast and fun for the boys well one for Dustin. The Championship weekend should be one great show. the WWMT will be using transponders for both nights of action in Atomic. And yes bring the checkbook we will have Chamionship weekend shirts for sale :>)

  • Dad - 10 years ago

    Hey thanks for your honesty. And support. Utah fan who
    ever u r and your opinion. Counts ron did good not running into the other car parked it backwords right next to him good save ron u was on your toes but hey I'm Chad's dad so u know who I got to root for good luck when we see u at atomic hope every one gets a fair shake. And keeps. The cars in one piece


  • DISAPOINTED FAN FROM UTAH - 10 years ago

    Well u got screwed by your own home track Chad what a bunch of a holes just goes. To show u some people can be bought. So All You Racers bring your check books Clem will make sure the radio's are not working and his lap counter will look the other way or lose count or what ever u want I just. Can't figure how ron spun in turn four a an finish in front of someone who never spun and was ahead of him the whole racesomethong fishy going on with the officiating. SO GOOD LUCK RACING AT ATOMIC AND DONT FORGET TO BRING YOUR CHECK. BOOKS

  • sweeten - 10 years ago


  • MIKE - 10 years ago

    Go 68 team RFM

  • ME - 10 years ago

    I Hope that the tour does bring their own people for tech and flaggers and maybe some of their own radios that work. supposedly their radios were not working so the line ups were wrong due to that malfunction.....I have talked to a couple of the track officials and the radios were said to be working fine....There is alot of crap at atomic city that you can get away with. next year we are done....

  • Dr. Love - 10 years ago

    You can do it RFM racing,,, Good Luck

  • Pace - 10 years ago

    Once your voted in you can go for the WIN!!!! Go RFM 68

  • TYLER - 10 years ago

    Go team "RFM"

  • Brian - 10 years ago

    GO RFM 68

  • Tuffy - 10 years ago

    Way to GO WYATT!!!!!!! :-) Keep it up you can do it. We are VERY PROUD of you on your finishes at Idaho Falls & Atomic City Raceways.

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Grandma LOVES RFM #68!!!!!!!

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    Great job in Atomic City, keep it up!

  • RICHARD CRANIUM - 10 years ago


  • Nicole Edelen - 10 years ago

    GAS ON RON!!!!! GAS ON!!!!

  • susan wiener - 10 years ago

    voted for Wyatt Howard. swiener1[at]tampabay.rr.com

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    That was some GREAT racing from David Penrod, Wyatt Howard, Ron Moser, Scott Smith at Atomic City last night. Hope to see you at the tour race here on the 17th and 18th... I love you David

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    Well your car was set up but you were not supposed to flip your car coming out of turn 4. good thing you and your car are alright. you will do good tonight in atomic city... Great racing last night wyatt howard

  • DAD - 10 years ago

    Go for first tonight its tuned and ready love ya son DAD

  • Lauralee Hensley - 10 years ago

    You go, Wyatt Howard. Good luck.

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    Good luck tonight David...You finished in the top 3 last weekend and we know you can do it again this weekend.. We are all cheering for you....

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    RFM #68 Go Ron!!!!

  • Susan - 10 years ago

    Whatever!!!! GO RFM

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    Go Penrod!!! you are on your way to making the all star race as well as rookie of the year for the tour and the regional rookie. We love you very much

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Grandma LOVES RFM Racing!

  • Amy - 10 years ago


  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    DANG BABE!!!!!!!Your car is set up..I can not beleive on how well you are doing, your car is handling like it has never drove before. This is your set up, dont change a thing and you will get it. we love you very much

  • Dad - 10 years ago

    Awesome raceing. Last. NIGHT Chad u. Da man lets keep. Going.

  • Cher Rae Helton - 10 years ago

    GREAT JOB on your placing at one of your home tracks David!!!!!!!We are so very proud of you!!!!! Keep up the great work. I love you very much...You can do it at Atomic City tomorrow night as well as the rest of the weekends of racing to come....We are all cheering for you

  • Chelsie - 10 years ago

    Hope you win Ron!

  • Christina Johnson - 10 years ago

    Ashes to ashes & dust to dust , we hate to beat ya but we must we must , cause when your up your up and when your down your down when your up against RON MOSER your upside down !!!!!! GO RFM #68

  • Dad - 10 years ago

    Well so much for ice skating. Hope we all have better luck. At the next track.

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Grandma LOVES RFM racing!!!! #68........... Good Luck tonight Ronnie.

  • Carolsue - 10 years ago

    Go Wyatt!

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Good luck in Cortez Ronnie!!!!! Grandma misses you and wishes she could be there with all of you. RFM # 68....

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Good luck in Cortez Ronnie!!!!! Grandma misses you and wishes she could be there with all of you. RFM # 68....

  • NANA - 10 years ago


  • Brian - 10 years ago

    RFM racing,,,

  • Dad - 10 years ago

    Chad play follow the leader you lead the rest will follow good luck DAD

  • Dad - 10 years ago

    Chad play follow the leader you lead the rest will follow good luck DAD

  • pam - 10 years ago

    Chad its your turn to kick butt

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    Ron, kick butt in Cortez!!!!

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    Go Ron!!!

  • Bree - 10 years ago

    I love ya MFH!!! You are the best ever!!!

  • Doin it in the dirt - 10 years ago

    This weekend is one of the best of the year Allstar race Old Timers race and the 5th annual Castle Country Clash

  • DAD - 10 years ago

    Give me a C give me a H give me an A give me a D what's that spell ....... IT SPELLS THE WINNER

  • Christina - 10 years ago

    C’mon Ron, you’re the man !You can do it!!

  • Anna - 10 years ago

    Go Ron!! Drive that car like you stole it!!!

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    Go Ron! You can do it....

  • NANA - 10 years ago

    Congrats CHAD now you have your first one under your belt. Keep up the good work. We all love you in OREGON. We are all pulling for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  • jen - 10 years ago

    jen & sadie

  • Sherry Roser - 10 years ago

    Hi Michael Hale!! Congrats on 7/31 in Price!! Keep up the good work! Nanny

  • dad - 10 years ago

    That's one sweet. Win Chad now on to the bigger prize. Keep it smooth. And ill keep it tuned. DAD

  • Tuffy - 10 years ago

    DTR 7/30 & 7/31/10, Wyatt did GREAT. We are all VERY PROUD of you, GOOD RACING my man!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    Go Ron, you can do it.... love you

  • Colleen - 10 years ago

    Gas On RFM................your in it to win it....be safe and have fun!

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Grandma loves RFM #68 racing! Go Ronnie!

  • aspen - 10 years ago

    go go go daddy go go go fast step on the gas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Kent - 10 years ago

    Go rolandkent motorsports!

  • aspen - 10 years ago

    go DAADYY go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and w/ that mind of yours you can win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NANA - 10 years ago

    We are all rooting for you in Oregon and we all LOVE You CHAD. Keep your pedal to the medal. You can do anything you put your mind too.

  • BRIAN - 10 years ago

    We love all gramdma's,,, Go RFM

  • Lindsey Gillmor - 10 years ago

    Grandma loves RFM #68 racing!

  • Amy Moser - 10 years ago

    Go Ron... you rock!

  • Wild West Modified Tour - 10 years ago

    Casey Delp, Justin Elmer, Kevin Faddis, Roy Spielman, Harvey Tinnes, & Kevin Wright have been added to the ballot

  • Tuffy Howard - 10 years ago

    Go Wyatt, #72w, we are all VERY PROUD of you. Vote for this young man he is driving awesome for a first year ROOKIE.

  • nana - 10 years ago

    Nice job at Rock Springs CHAD. You are doing AWESOME. Keep up the good speed. Remember always stay on the pedal. We all love ya.

  • Pam - 10 years ago

    The stars are getting closer you can do it chad. Keep on truckin

  • Lindsey - 10 years ago

    Grandma loves RFM #68 racing!!!! Go Ronnie you can do it!

  • Dad - 10 years ago

    Good job at rock springs. Chad your doing a great job keep up the good work

  • wayne - 10 years ago

    Las vegas boy's let's go kick ass!

  • Sydnee - 10 years ago

    Go Dad you are the best!! I love you!! You can beat that Chad. He ain't got nothing on you!!! You are the BEST ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!! And nothing is going to stop you!! Have Fun and Be Safe!!! :D You are kicking butt, if I could put the other word I would but you know what I mean!! You are do great!! Keep trying!!!!! I'm sorry I can't come to many races because of cheer but I hope you will forgive me and do AWESOME!!! The next time you see #68 you will see is the "IMCA SPEEDWAY" and "SNAP-ON" stickers on back of our car. Go DADDY!!! :D

  • pam&dave - 10 years ago

    Another weekend. Of racing. Go Chad penrod

  • Christine - 10 years ago

    Good luck Wyatt!

  • Amy - 10 years ago

    Go RFM!! Your in it to win it && will kick ass cuz!! :]

  • Sadie :) - 10 years ago

    GO CARSON!!!! :D

  • Kirksel Bird - 10 years ago

    Go Chad Penrod we are all pulling for you in Oegon Love Ya lots

  • rccat1952 - 10 years ago

    Hey ron Chad's on the move watch out lol

  • rccat1952 - 10 years ago

    Go Chad Penrod. Doing great for a rookie

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