When do you think the Rapture will take place?
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  • robert satterfield - 6 years ago

    I am a messianic/Jewish believer, believe in the parousia of yeshua, however there is some truth to all the positions. The greek language was used in the ist century and the new testament was conveyed in that manner. This word parousia has been found in correspondence of every life at that time. This word meant the arrival of an important digitary coming with great pomp, sometime with trumpets. It was anything but secret. this is what was meant by n.t. writers. the intent it was it was seen by the naked eye and heard. This was used in matt 24:3,27. It is an audible event as in trumpet associated with yeshua's coming.
    for your edification all this difference comes from Daniels 9th chapter regarding the 70wks. I don"t know if your aware that masoretic Hebrew text was made from 700-1100 a.d. by hebrew scribes with respect to Daniel 9:23-27 they put stop gaps between 7wk &62wks to deflect christianitys claim this applied to yeshua. In this way the 62wks of the prophecy applied to the time of rebuilding Jerusalem. Professor E.B. Pusey in a footnote on one of his lectures delivered at the university of oxford remarks on the mosoretic accenting, the jews put the main stop gap verse under 7 and 62, this they must have done dishonestly. Rashi moamodes/also called rambam a prominent jewish rabbi, scientist of the 11th&12 century says in rejecting the LITERAL EXPOSITIONS WHICH FAVORED THE CHRISTIANS, ON ACCOUNT OF THE HERETICS. This same rabbi is the most prominent Rabbi of the middle ages. He wrote the 13 articles of their faith the greatess commandment in Judaism is deut 6:4 that God is one. a compound oneness/ heb echad to yachid absolute oness. The Greek Septuagint/Old Testament is 1000 yrs older than masoretic text and agrees with the Dead Sea Scrolls, both base on a more ancient hebrew text. There is a dead sea scroll research project web site which confirms this. the septuagint version is different regarding Daniel 9:27, it has yeshua using roman titus to destroy jerusalem and put an end to sacrifices in the temple. Yeshua is cut off in the middle of the 70th week. That leave 3 1/2/ weeks or 1260 days which adds up to 3 1/2 years in Dan 12:7, Rev 11:15, Rev 12:7 & Rev 13:5.
    I"m giving all this background to point to 2thess 2:1-3 about Pauls letter about the Parousia of Yeshua and Our Gathering Together to him. He say that event will not happen tip a rebellion/apostacy come first. In the 4th verse it says he sits in the temple of God. Temple means Jewish temple/and the christian church. where you aware in 2009 pope paul made a visit the the temple mount and was met by muslim mullahs there was an an ageedment made he could rule inside the mosque. The Mullahs stated the would confess the Jesus was the mother of mary, he in turn declared Muslims are saved by faith in abraham. This is a fact in the catholic catechism. further popes have visit the mount. look up the web site chair of st. peter. when the plo leader abbas visite the vactican the pope called hlim the angel of peace. The only obstacle was the chief rabbi of israel. the pope wants control of all religious sites in israel. the anglican church has gone back to rome, persbreteryian, constantonople,nation council of churches. The reformers would turn over in their graves if they knew of the situation. The papcy is israels greatest enemy. Islam believes their messiah is coming called the wadi. The false prophet my be this figure. the pope is called holy father, when he speaks form the chair of st. peter he cannot err. they have added extra biblical books. add a meditrix that must be used. state that when a christian dies he does not go to heaven he goes to purgatory to burn and must use indulgences to get out.killed both non catholic christians and jews like myself. it is the parousia the kills the man of lawlessness. so with that in mind which position do you hold?

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