Time to nuke the Gulf leak? (Poll Closed)

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  • upcountrywater - 11 years ago

    The relief wells were started a few days after the oil leak. All big custom projects take time the drilling depth is 18,000 feet below the sea floor that is a MASSIVE drilling project. Another month to get there, nothing happens over night.

    So blast with a nuke... One needs to drill a 10,000 foot hole for that device to be placed... Also the nuke itself needs to be a one off custom design to handle the extreme pressures of the sea water at 15,000 deep ( sea floor 5,000 ft. and at the bottom of the hole at an additional 10,000 ft. To do that would take longer than what is being done now.

  • Darnell Clayton - 11 years ago

    Even IF it did work (and that is a big if) it would irradiate the sea life in the gulf making it off limits for consumption (i.e. no sea food for you for the next millennium!!)

    If Obama nukes the gulf, it will go down in history as one of the worst decisions that he ever made.

  • Paul Hildebrandt - 11 years ago

    Idiotic measure. It will only insure that instead of leaking out of one hole in the ground, the oil will be leaking out of several thousand large cracks.

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