Did you think Lindsay really had a chance of being sentenced to jail today?


  • Lorene Habeeb-Ullah - 12 years ago

    I think the punishment was to short.If it was a normal person like me they would have gave me more jail time and no rehab.Rich people get treated better than poor people.She needs to be thankful for the time she got.

  • Jennifer - 13 years ago

    She should have been sent to an alcohol rehab for a year. It would've changed her life as it did mine. I know she comes and goes as she pleases and some do not agree with that but rehab is a lot better for someone in this situation. You learn about yourself and that you cannot be perfect and that life is a challenge no matter how much money you have for yourself, lawyers etc... The judge should have given Lindsay the option of jail for 90 days or a year in a good rehabilitation center. Obviously the judge doesn't know that jail is not the answer for someone with alcohol issues.

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