Is Lindsay's sentence of 90 days in jail plus 90 days in rehab appropriate?


  • Jay - 13 years ago

    I think that the judge should drag Linsay back into the courtroom and double her another 90 days ontop of the first 90 days. Just for the insults she had for the judge. Then maybe she'll learn to shut her mouth and learn about respecting others.

  • Chris - 13 years ago

    Accountability comes in many packages, and it's sad that this is the form that it has come in for Lohan. There is no doubt that she is (or at least has been) a talented actress, but she has been surrounded by people and handlers who have excused her every transgression, and enabled her into af a sense of entitlement that is rare even by Hollywood standards. I truly believe that she is going to jail, and on to rehab, without ever really knowing that she did anything wrong - the rules just don't apply to people like her.

    Now if only her shrew of a mother could pay some of this price, merely for poetic justice. Unfortunately being the world's worst stage mother isn't a crime yet. What a vapid, self-deluded monster. I pity the younger siblings.

  • Nicole - 13 years ago

    I Think its a good thing that shes going to jail i think she deserves it just like anyone else! Shes a good actor and what not dont get me wrong but when u brake the law u brake the law and celebrity or no celebrity u should be punished just like everyone else shes already had good treatment and blew it that was her own fault just b/c shes famous dosnt mean she should get a slap on the hand and thats it be on ur way she was in the wrong and she should be punished for it she should know better she has a good life going for her a good career why would anyone wanna mess that up for a bit of partying shes 24 now not 18 and she led a career that involved alot of kids to look up to her she deffinetly should of known better and been more responsible for her actions i hope she learns from her mistakes and realizes shes no different then anyone else in this world that she will have to pay for her mistakes like a normal human being.

  • sadie - 13 years ago

    all that opportunity thrown out the window. there are so many talented young people who never have the chances that Lindsay has had. She has clearly been unhappy for a long time and succumbed to the coke a few years ago based on the pics, but really she could have done anything she wanted. it's frustrating and sad to see people waste their lives like this. i don't think she will ever recover because her foundation (her parents) are even more fucked up than she is. she has no anchor or real love to turn to. it's sad.

  • Katrina - 13 years ago

    Would anyone think her sentence too harsh had she killed somebody driving drunk. Cause that's what will happen people. Maybe had Paris Hilton and others been given harsher sentences, the subsequent "starlet" would think twice before putting others in danger. If Lilo does eventually self distruct, everybody would be saying, "somebody should have stopped her earlier! That judge just may have saved her life

  • Hybrids - 13 years ago

    She must have known it was coming. Yeeeeeesh.

  • dvdgal - 13 years ago

    I believe this judge was unnecessarily harsh on Lohan. We need to be putting dangerous criminals in our over-taxed jails instead of wasting time and money on cases like this. This judge aimed to be excessively harsh since it's always popular to stick-it to celebrities. Now she's wasted my tax dollars.

  • Stephanie - 13 years ago

    i think that she got off easy because shes a celebrity, if Lilo would have been any other "normal" person, she would have recieved a worse scentence. really i think its crap, maybe this will teach her a lesson and then again maybe not. it makes me sick that celebrity's get off easy. just cuz. they act like they recieved such a horrible scentence, when infact she should be lucky the judge "took it easy on her"

  • Gglia - 13 years ago

    She clearly needs punishment and get her confined to a cell where there are no distractions on her thoughts that she's not the center of everyone's attention, all of the time. Just how long does she plan on being wild? I've been hearing about her wild behavior and have seen unpleasant images of her for at least 2 years now. How about wising up and maybe learn how to cook, clean and learn some responsibilities. She won't be young forever.
    I do however find the sentence on borderline harsh. And her attorney's cold reaction captured on photo tells me that she basically just did her job and now wants to get paid. Next!

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