Which video service do you prefer: YouTube or Hulu? (Poll Closed)

  • YouTube
    1,526 votes

  • Hulu
    613 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • Roland LeBlanc - 9 years ago

    Hey when Hulu is only in the United States and they haven't bothered to expand beyond there borders. Thus people like myself, who live in Canada and hell anyone else that isn't in the United States, have no clue what is so great about Hulu because we have never been able to use it.

  • John Weaver - 9 years ago

    Isn't this like comparing apples and oranges? YouTube is primarily user generated content while Hulu is completely network/studio created content. I go to each one for different reasons, so I can't simply pick one or the other.

  • David Perdew - 9 years ago

    Since I don’t catch a lot of TV (anymore), I’m not completely up to speed on Hulu’s capabilities, but I have to admit YouTube has the upper hand in integrating social media, for the moment. Twitter apps that incorporate YouTube videos on devices, like Twixxer, for example, make for some attractive eye candy.

    A sizeable amount of Twitter and Facebook users interact with vids on their cellphones and use mobiles to interact with the platforms themselves. If I’m an app developer, guess where I’m putting my time and energy?

    Sure, Hulu features a lot of YouTube content, but can it embed videos on media devices as well as apps made for YouTube itself? I don’t think so, since bite-size nuggets trump 30-minute programs for low-tech devices any day. Who’s going to pay for those kinds of wireless minutes?

    To me, these two platforms aren’t competitors as much as service providers for different segments of online markets. Hulu catches the syndicates for loyal fans of raw TV. YouTube is more of a community, where videos from a # of sources can integrate and share information. That translates to better-tasting web juice for YouTube, IMHO.

  • Zach - 9 years ago

    User generated content can't beat a poor selection of TV shows.

  • Alvaro - 9 years ago

    Haven't had the chance to test HULU. It is restricted to the US.

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