How is Congress doing for you?

  • Helen Rutherford - 11 years ago

    "Wake Me When Obama Is Gone" took words right out of my mouth. OUR country must take the steps necessary to take OUR country back and away from the dishonest/evil/immoral, etc. November elections are an extremely important part of our many useful efforts that are greatly needed to put what used to be OUR government back in its place. I pray that folks will think hard before they place their necessary votes to PUT THE "BAD" INCUMBENTS OUT OF OFFICE. Study anyone who is running for the offices up for any election. Campaign for the opposition if after your studying, you think you are doing the right thing.

    I wonder how many of us realize how the government is leading our country in the worst direction imaginable. Taxpayers are being taxed for the lack of knowledge and caring of how to run our government that must get back on track.


    See you at the polls in November to get our country back before it's too late.

  • bobby melton - 11 years ago

    i think they will bankburt this nation and that they will legalize all 13 million illegals in this country. i believe that if the borders are not sealed the 13 million will turn into 50 million.

  • Wake Me When Obama is Gone - 11 years ago

    This is not about games, polls or anything....this about American LIVES! We know what Obama is, where he is taking this country..the scary part about all this is....IS AN ELECTION THE ONLY WAY TO REMOVE THIS PRESIDENT OR ARE THERE OTHER OPTIONS?? If elections are the answer then I am done here. Our system sucks! I don't care for politics if it doesn't work for the people! We have to sit along the sidelines, watching, waitinge etc for our voices to be heard...I think the Republicans are in on this for letting it go on. Just wait til Kagan gets in there and we won't be voting in November. In fact, we probably won't be voting at all! It's looking more and more serious...I am tired of it and will not post again...until his removal from office...PERIOD or move out of the country...IF I CAN!

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