Is Gov. Sarah Palin taking over the Women's Movement?


  • REEN - 12 years ago

    NOE: Thats whats so "right" about her - she IS NOT part of the so called "womans" movement. Her movement is about truth, honesty, faithfulness, God, less government, family. I don't believe its about one sex over another or one color over another.

    So, fool that you are, your way off the beat.

    Thats what happens with the word "feminist" is used. It pulls the trash out of their holes.

  • REEN - 12 years ago

    I have to say I agree with some of what BOB states.

    I come from an age where the word "feminist" doesn't mean a lot of good things so I think it does Sarah Palin no good to be thought of like that. That hits some of us in the wrong place. This isn't her word either as she has never put herself out there using that term. To some of us its derogatory.

    Now to go onto her ad... perfect!

    I saw the ad and I believe that she is trying to reach out to women, mom's, all women to be sure and vote. For the sake of their kids futures and their own.

    I really liked the ad and I'm sure the left will hate it... as usual. She isn't putting anyone down she's just "reaching out". Great ad.

    I'm greatful for this primarily because i'm very fearful of the newest czar relative to the health care bill. Thats not the only reason but its on the top of my list. Thank you Sarah Palin.

  • anna - 12 years ago

    I think Sarah Palin's new ad was great! Whoever put that together, kudos! Very effective. It is nice to see a woman who is empowering women. Certain women movements seem to be targeted towards a specific type of women - whereas it seems like Sarah Palin is more open and touches something in every woman. You may not agree with her on some political views, but she appears respectful of other views, not spiteful and spewing with hatred the way some of these woman go off. Some people feel so threatened by her - and you know who they are - just by the way they talk about her. In my book, Sarah Palin is an accomplished woman - she managed a state - and she is a tough independent woman with a modern family balancing career and family - that is great to see.

  • Holly - 12 years ago

    If Palin becomes President, she will be one of the best Presidents of this great nation. She has always been an over-achiever. In 2 1/2 years as governor she accomplished more than her predecessors did in 8 years. I like the fact that she has all her opponents very worried, whether they are Democrats, the media, or her likely primary opponents. She is in their heads 24/7. To have all those concern trolls' heads explode will be a very nice bonus.

  • Claudia - 12 years ago

    Thank you for showing the you tube video with Sarah Palin and the Pink Elephants! I really thought it was all about the Pink Elephants everyone knows Sarah is a paid for speaker now so I concluded it was more about the cause and I am glad she is doing this for concerned conservative American women. I still think Huckaby would have been the best for our country of all choices. I would so like for Sarah to be a Senator and one of those that gets to spend a lot of time in office like maybe 20 years or so. I wish there were more prominent conservative women running for Congress right now sad to say there are to few of them. Right about now I am willing to vote for a country bumkin.


  • Baxler - 12 years ago

    I think Sarah has a lot of spunk, she brings people together. I think she is trying to get women to mobilize, but I do not think this was an ad to run for President.

    I truly believe she would be a great replacement for Michael Steele, pumping up the Republican Party and all of our Conservative Values. Or perhaps running for Senator!! I think she can do more in these positions because I still do not feel she is ready to be President. I would rather she get a lot more seasoning before she tries for President and fails again, even though it was for Vice Pres.

    There is definitely a place for Sarah, but being President now is not her time. I think she is great, but would not get my vote for President. We most certainly need a great candidate for President, and I am Praying that person will show themselves soon and they will....God Bless Sarah in what ever she does, but please hold off from the Presidency as I feel it would be a huge disappointment, for herself and the not enough to elect her.

  • barb - 12 years ago

    It is about time someone can take over for these whimpy, weak, men that cannot lead or make decisions - what is going on in this Administration is unbelievable and shocking - other countries are amazied at this weak President - of course, some counties dont allow women to drive or speak out - Thank you Sarah Palin for showing the strength of all women - you deserve the best

  • Bob - 12 years ago

    I disagree that this ad says "she is running"

    I think it's very apparent what this ad does and is mean to do. It is meant to mobilize women. It is mean to touch a womans heart from a mothers and motherly angle.
    Whether a woman is a mother or not, she has a protective spirit ingrained in her. It's a gift.

    Sarah is doing one thing with this ad. She is stroking that trait and trying accomplish 2 points with those who are listening/watching:
    1.) She is telling women through that trait, "we/American needs you", and
    2.) You are not alone. Just look around you. Your neighbor stands with you.

    I think the ad is extremely effective in this regard.
    I don't think, other than cursory, that the ad says "I am running".

    She has a gift.
    She's using it very well.


  • Denise - 12 years ago

    The only movement she'll ever take over is a bowel movement.

  • militarymom - 12 years ago

    I admire so many things about Sarah Palin and her love of country. What an eye-opener it was during the election to see this woman and her family so viciously and unfairly attacked, and not ONE word from these so-called women's groups that were supposed to be for all women. When I hear someone make a snotty remark about Sarah, I always ask for specifics (rarely get them) and I ask what news source they watch. Usually MSNBC (enough said) or CNN. When they call her a quitter, I ask if they know all the specifics of why she stepped down...they never do! Bottom line...many of them just repeat the crap they hear or read....they never do their own research. I've been asking a few people what they think of Levi now admitting that he lied...some believe Palin is paying him off! Unbelievable!!! I support Sarah and am grateful for women like her and Gov. Brewer! They are scaring the hell out of Washington!!!

  • Lauren - 12 years ago

    We need someone with dignity, class, and competence to run the country based on our constitution. I'm sick of all the lies, incompetence, and trend to make us into a socialistic country. Enforce the border, protect the American people as the president oath proclaims. The present administration does not care about the rights of the people and are always playing the political game. Sarah Palin does speak with common sense and knows what this country is about. She is 100% better than what we have now.

  • James - 12 years ago

    If Sarah run and win, that will certainly show the rest of the world that we have a sense of humor. We know, if she is elected she can be depended on to look out for all of us, she proved that by how seriously she handled her commitment to the people of Alaska. I don't think our party is so desperate that we would even come close to electing this woman for President, we dodged a big bullet in 2008 when she was on the republican ticket.

  • Keith - 12 years ago

    We are so divided today, the only way to really move the country forward is to move the political parties out of the way and get two people in power who can lead each side back to communicating and thinking about future problems.

    Can you imagine a Palin/Clinton or Clinton/Palin ticket? It would win hands down over any thing else thrown at the wall. Think about the possibilities. Only question is, anyone smart enough, or care enough to put country over self?

  • teresa - 12 years ago

    Sarah Palin is the 'SHOT' in the arm America needs right now!! Uniting women in the work fields and working stay at home moms....women everywhere!!! She stands for everything that is truly American!! Glad to see two very strong women.......Palin and Gov Brewer stand up and tell the White House whats what!!! Need to change things in Nov!!!!! Go get 'em GIRLS!!!!! Lets take back OUR HOUSE!!!!!!

  • Liz Freihofer - 12 years ago

    Thank God for Sarah Palin!!! I'm so encouraged now tthat there might be a chance for her to run for President. She was the reason I voted for John Mcain in the last election. I hope she runs.. I will DEFINITELY work for her campain (sp?).Run Sarah ,run, please!

  • Renee - 12 years ago

    I have alot of respect for Sara Palin,she may not be a women of the world ,but she undestands it;she's honest and has integrity. Unlike some in Washington DC ! I would vote for her.

  • RAP - 12 years ago

    It is refreshing to see a feminist who is not angry and a man hater. I don't know if she is ready for the Oval Office, but I like her. And, like Reagan, she makes one feel like there is nothing wrong with being an American. No apologies needed.

  • LeighMar - 12 years ago

    Yes, Sarah Palin is taking over the women's movement -- and three cheers! The first wave of women's libbers, in the '60s, were revolting (in more ways than one) but they opened the door for women to achieve equality in the workplace, in education, and under the law. In retrospect, a good thing, though they certainly could have cut down on the left-wing political agenda with it. The second wave...well, they gave us Title IX, so there are fewer men's and boys' athletic teams but a FEW women get a chance to excel in athletics. They gave us...well, not much else. And they, too, were blinded by left-wing idieology which had absolutely NOTHING to do with women's rights.

    Now there's a third wave -- the SARAH PALIN generation. It's no accident that she comes along at the same time (roughly) as the Tea Party movement, which is saying "ENOUGH!" to big government and the Old Boy Network in Washington. The new feminists like Sarah can stand on their own feet, don't need (or want) a handout from BIG DADDY GOVERNMENT, and they don't need to be told they need "help" or "affirmative action" or any such garbage to achieve what they've had all along: equality. Sarah isn't alone in this generation's feminists, but she's a leader.

    So what's next? President? Her new YouTube video is a campaign document, if ever there was one. Looks to me -- and I'm an old political hand -- like she's running, or at least getting close to that decision. Good idea? I'm not all that sure: she got beaten up SO badly in '08, and afterward, that she's got a lot of baggage. But she's also got a lot of spunk, fresh ideas, and determination. Sarah's not perfect, but who is? Never count out the lead Mamma Grizzly!

  • Celia - 12 years ago

    Greta you are always fair. I love watching your show. Thank you.
    Sarah, you go girl. I'm behind you. Going to a political activist class on sat. I 'm
    getting ready for Nov 2010 and for 2012. Can't wait. I'm not going to be quiet anymore.

  • richard dunnell - 12 years ago

    Sarah Palin is the leader of the WOMEN''S MOVEMENT - NO CONNECTION with NOW or the other Left-Wing Feminist groups. I hope everyone notes the difference. She is right on schedule and everything she's doing is brilliant, tactically and strategically for the run to the White House. She has my support as always.

  • Paul - 12 years ago

    I hope Gov. Sarah Palin takes over any Movement she wants ( haven't herd of a men's movement) but she has my vote so far( time will tell) Think a good match for VP might the new Governor of I think one of the Carolina's, I think her name was Halley or maybe Governor Huckabee no special reason just what comes up thinking about it...

  • Melissa - 12 years ago

    I will vote for Sarah...get a life you liberal losers!

  • Keith - 12 years ago

    Palin certainly is a lightening rod. While tuned into Greta's show it was mentioned by one of the pundits that Palin was certainly running for president. 1st she is getting the air under her wings and I don't think she wants to fly into that iron prison. The White House is more or less an armed camp. Obama must have let it get to him because the longer he stayed the worse he did. Now he wants to get out and campaign all over the country - you have to admit that campaigning is a lot more fun. You have your own 747 at $30,000 an hour to fly with overhead, plus helicopter. Darn, that sounds cool.

    I don't think Sarah has to run for President to be a very powerful and effective voice in our future. She and President Obama are locked into history together - both breaking through glass all around. They are locked together in this political Kabuki dance, whether they want to or not.

    You have to admit it is very intersting times. Clinton is been shuffled off to the State Department and is becoming a legend in her own mind. She certainly isn't getting any positive publicity that the American people care about. I read her speeches and most are pretty drab and I think: "How does she do this boring job?" She hasn't accomplished anything that anyone can remember - don't believe me? Do a poll of the top five great things she has done since becoming Sec of State. Most people will not be able to think of ONE thing. Obama put her right where he wants here - out of the country whenever he can get here there. Pretty smooth.

    Regarding movements, I look at Code Pink and MoveOn and that's old news, and rather drab. They had their 15 minutes in the sun and now they are a yawn. How cares what they think? What really have they done except bitterly complain, hate Bush, complain, hate bush. It's a vicious cycle that has become addictive and obsessive. They are doing exactly what Conservatives want: marching in an obsessive circle that people just want to get out of. The will lead no women's movement - not in the next elections. There legend is pretty much in their own minds now.

    Which block of people has been totally stepped on and overlooked by CNN's, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, etc? Conservative Women. Who has a lot more women in their group, Conservative women or Liberal/Progressive women? Conservatives by far, and now they ARE angry and they DO care about the future of our country AND they are willing to march, raise their voices, send their money and pull the voting lever. They have the heart, the stamina and the energy! You don't have t lead them - you just have to run as fast as you can to get out in front of them and that's all anyone will do. They don't need leading, they need to slow down so as not to trample those who are trying to lead them. :D


  • Concerned American - 12 years ago

    SARAH PALIN is the best thing that has happened to the political atmosphere in a VERY VERY long time. Whether she runs for office or not she has been very sincere and puts America out there and shows pride of doing it. GO SARAH!!!!! This country needs people like you. I feel she is getting back to our Founding Fathers idea of
    Freedom and NOT this Government control that is in office now!! I hate what is happening to our Freedom of choices. I will gladly join the fight and follow Sarah where she may go!! I will not vote for Obama or anyone he tries to put into an office position (Boxer, Pelosi, Reid and all the others need to go) this GREAT COUNTRY has been ruined enough!!! The person to be elected (Man or Woman) needs to be someone to SAVE OUR COUNTRY from Obama! He is a Muslim and does not have any feelings for the GOOD of the United States or we the americans in it! I will be for Sarah Palin and who she indorses and I believe she is the PERSON who can do that!!!

  • Lyle D Baker Sr. - 12 years ago

    I would love to have Sara as our president forever since she is the first true statesperson we have seen in a long time, really since Newt and will not be pressured by lobbyists no matter how much money they try to bribe her with. I also think when others realize her true integrity we can finally get rid of polorization and both parties working togather instead of constant gridlock. With God as her guide, America will prosper again for all of us. Opponents have done thier best to find something sinister in her past but without succes, the wondeful person and family you see is wht you get and I hope we get her for our next president.

  • Karen - 12 years ago

    I sure hope so...and it does appear so. Compare the numbers of the Older Women's movement with that of today.with Sarah Palin in the lead. That will tell us who's leading now.

  • Susan - 12 years ago

    Noe's comments are all about the liberal religion of abortion. Start packing your bags Noe, and wave goodbye. We won't miss you.

  • Karen Hodge - 12 years ago

    Yes, I think Gov. Palin is a voice for all that want to get things right, man or woman. I hope that she will run for election whether it be for Senate, House. But most of all I hope she becomes the nest President or at least the Vice President.


  • DANIEL CABRERA - 12 years ago

    Here is a thought;

    PALIN-BACHMANN PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE 2012... a heck of a power on the side of the people...isn't it?


    Much more could be added....let's stop at this point.

    So everyone out there intersted,can do research,and then tell me all about it.

    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

  • deedee - 12 years ago

    At least she isn't from Chicago. If she can get more people out to vote it is a good thing. Most of us would play it safe, sit back, and criticize those that make an effort.

  • Norm - 12 years ago

    I think she needs to take over the mens movement (whatever that is) also.


  • Pat - 12 years ago

    As for Noe's comments: With her language she certainly needs to be with the liars, cheats, etc. who are in power now. Potty mouth! Would she like to be called a c--t? I hope Sarah runs and wins so the Zoe's of this country will

    go to another country. We do not need more negative a--h----in America. Start packing your bag, Zoe!


  • Ren - 12 years ago

    I think Sarah Palin is appealing to both American men and women. She is so refreshing and will be wise enough to use the best resources by surrounding herself with true Americans that believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, if she runs for President.

    She has spunk and brains, regardless of what liberals say about her, they fear her power and what she stands for. Imagine, a women that believes in the American people? The liberals have so much disdain for America and patriotic Americans.

    Who cares? Good riddens to radical liberal men and women.
    Welcome Sarah Palin!!!!!

  • Linda Cook - 12 years ago

    We need someone to get our country on the right track. Under the present administration, we are headed for a dim future. They have lied to us and conducted underhanded business that is not in the best interest of the American people.
    Sarah Palin is a well grounded, confident, common sense person - sounds like someone I want leading my nation.
    I pray that the American people are awake so we can stop the radical transformation that we are presently experiencing.

  • Susan - 12 years ago

    Sarah is a true feminist, she is what women were striving for in the 60's. It's the liberal women's groups that have taken over the feminist movement and have molded it to their liberal fringe ideas. Most women in the country are Independents and Conservatives. Just look at the numbers in the polls.
    Sarah has my support. Who knows, it may come down to Sarah vs Hillary.

  • J Lane - 12 years ago

    Palin and Brewer what a ticket. Get rid of the the tax and spend.

  • Karen - 12 years ago

    I am thrilled just thinking about Sarah running for President. She speaks for me, and I will vote for her! The men have had their chance to govern, and our country is in more trouble than ever! Let the women run for office and correct the mess the men have made! SUCCESS TO YOU Sarah!!!!!!!!!!

  • pattie Williams - 12 years ago

    Go Sarah Palin!! This country needs people like you. Get back to our Founding Fathers idea of
    Freedom, Not! Government control. I hate what is happening to our Freedom of choices. How dare this administration think for a moment they can control my life. I will gladly join the fight!! Obama, Boxer, Pelosi, Reid and all the others need to go away, and not ruin this great country.

    You Go Girl!

    Sincerely, and God go with you!


  • DANIEL CABRERA - 12 years ago

    Our country is in a nexus point , a point of history where our very survival is in the hands of the people at most fudmental multi-platform.


    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

  • Daphne - 12 years ago

    Sarah is taking over the Womens and Mens movements! She is a powerhouse that is set for the White House and will get there! If anyone has any doubts that she isn't capable of turning our country around from the beating it's receiving right now, read her book. If you can't afford it, go to the library, but read it!

    I am not a mother, but my maternal instincts are kicking in to defend my home and my country. And that includes supporting a PERSON who is capable of fixing the problems, not throwing money at them hoping they will "change"!

    Man or Woman, we need someone to save our country from Obama! And Sarah is the PERSON who can do that!!!

  • Pat Wright - 12 years ago

    I pray that Sarah does run. We need women running the world, men have screwed up far too long. I would support Sarah in any way that I can. Move over men, the women are ready!

  • Patty - 12 years ago

    Sarah Palin is the best thing that has happened to the political atmosphere in a long time. Whether she runs for office or not.

  • nancy - 12 years ago


  • Kaye McKinnie - 12 years ago

    I will be more than happy to help Sarah Palin win the White House. It's about time we had a true American woman with guts in the most important job in the world.

  • RAY - 12 years ago

    I will vote for her if she runs

  • Noe - 12 years ago

    Is Sarah Palin is taking over the womens movement then godess help us all. I will give up my feminist card and leave the country....or should I say, cuntry. Having such an unintelligent, fundi christian represent her bastardized version of the womens movement is sure to set us back some 50 years.

  • Ellie - 12 years ago


  • REEN - 12 years ago

    I think this entire thing on women's movements are just dumb. I'm a woman and if a woman is qualified and able to do the job she's in the running and the same for men.

    I'd hate to think Sarah Palin is just pushing the "woman" agenda. With what we have in the whitehouse now I want the best man OR woman for the job.

    Its no different than thinking a black man should somehow finally get the presidency... ahem....

    Lets get over this and find the best person to replace who is in office now - get rid of the liers, cheats, corruption, commies, muslims, etc. Vote in a good conservative God Fearing MAN OR WOMAN!

    Whats with 3 or so questions on feminists and Sarah Palin.
    I'd think that the fact the DOJ won't prosecute blacks for hate crimes against whites at the polling places would be more important
    the fact that the new guy in charge of health care believes in death panels - oh - excuse me thats not politically correct - I guess I mean rationing health care.

  • jay cully - 12 years ago

    Yes I believe that she is and I believe that is a positive thing. For to long a small hand full of far left women have set the agenda and tone for a far larger number of women that do not feel the same. Sarah Palin gives these women a voice.

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