Should Alderman Bruce Hudson Seek Re-Election to the Helena-West Helena City Council

  • Greg Fitzhugh - 11 years ago

    I think Alderman Hudson should not only be re-elected if he decides to run but I would rather see him run for Mayor and defeat the tyrant James Valley, who has concentrated into his own hands power in much the same manner as Stalin and Hitler did but on a smaller scale. This person behaves himself more like a king(tyrant) than a mayor, first by maintaining a iron grip on the hierarchy of the city's police powers; then by suspending the civil rights of American citizens such that people all over the world have heard about his heavy-handed governance, and finally by rejecting the wishes of the citizens as expressed by their duly elected aldermen(e.g. Civil Service Comission veto) in favor of his own authority over such matters(who gets hired, fired, or promoted). James F. Valley is not a public servant, no, be you sure of this. James F. Valley is a first-rate gangster seeking first and foremost, his own entrenched political power; and the longer the voters permit him to stay in office the bolder he will become in his attempt to hold on to that power. Two terms is enough. Get rid of him now!

  • Krystal Johnson - 12 years ago

    I was listenin to the city council meeting on the radio one night. BOTTOM LINE: From what I heard...Bruce Hudson seems to be a BIG problem in the meetings. Honestly speaking...the meeting was similar to an arguement i would hear between my 8th grade students. The only difference was the council members used bigger words. LOL So i say...LET IT GO MR. HUDSON!! I feel our city council would be better off without you. I apologize but it's the truth.

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