Spintunes 1 Round 2: John Hancock Time (Poll Closed)

  • The Offhand Band - Another Universe
    21 votes

  • Jenny Katz - Miss you
    6 votes

  • JoAnn Abbott - Life
    8 votes

  • Edric Haleen - Love
    12 votes

  • Sara Parsons - A Little Time
    5 votes

  • Caleb Hines - Insomniac Lullaby
    3 votes

  • Governing Dynamics - Eleyna Dreams
    10 votes

  • Emperor Gum - Smoulder (Yaoya Oshichi)
    1 vote

  • Gorbzilla - Than Infinity
    8 votes

  • Ross Durand - Waltz With The Devil
    10 votes

  • Steve Durand - Rara Avis
    0 votes

  • Charlie McCarron - Sleep On It
    4 votes

  • Kevin Savino-Riker - Here At The Door
    10 votes

  • Heather Miller - Bullseye
    6 votes

  • Godz Poodlz - Identities Assumed
    7 votes

  • Denise Hudson - Flex Time
    3 votes

  • "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - Space Time
    6 votes


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  • Brian Gray - 9 years ago

    Sounds like a decent song could be written about the subject matter in this thread. Just saying...

  • JoAnn Abbott - 9 years ago

    I dusted off my ol live journal to write about my songs thus far, what I did and why. Been over a year since I used it, but since others are writing, I thought I should too. http://calliopeva.livejournal.com/ is where it is located if you want to look!

  • Spin - 9 years ago

    I could do 4 a year, but I'm not going to commit to that. I want to see how everyone else feels after SpinTunes 1....then worry about 2....then 3....etc... The only time I don't plan on doing anything with SpinTunes is while Nur Ein is going on. I had too much fun following along with Nur Ein 5, so I'll probably just use that time to enjoy Nur Ein & make plans for the next SpinTunes.

  • Edric Haleen - 9 years ago

    Can't speak for anyone else, but interest is HIGH, here! (I'd be thrilled if that were bumped up to three or FOUR a year!)

    Thanks again for doing this, Travis! And thanks again for doing this, songwriters!!



  • Spin - 9 years ago

    Probably 2 or 3. It really just depends on how busy I get, and the interest level.

  • Graham Porter [Emperor Gum] - 9 years ago

    Out of curiosity, Travis, how often were you planning on doing the SpinTunes contest. Once a year? Twice?

  • Spin - 9 years ago

    Well hopefully the tie breaker doesn't come into play, but it's a compromise I made when starting this. Some people wanted the popular vote to be like a 6th judge, or play a bigger role in some other way.

    Besides Steve, you beat 8 people in the last popular vote. 7 beat you, and you tied with 4 others. So you were in the middle of the pack in popular vote. Based on the stats only a couple people seemed to be pimping their song really hard.

    I really don't think it's a big issue, but it's something I'm open to changing when SpinTunes #2 rolls around. There will be a nice long break between contests. I plan on posting a blog about possible changes that need to be made, and to get feedback from everyone who wants to give it. I even plan on posting a date & time for an online meeting for anyone who wants to attend. I've already got a list of about 12 things that could be changed or at least discussed. Popular vote is definately on the list.

  • Steve_Durand - 9 years ago

    It sucks to not have any friends.

    I'm sure not gonna win any tiebreaker. And I might need it.

  • Spin - 9 years ago

    Hi guys, sorry it took awhile to see this.

    The reason the popular vote has such a small affect on the overall outcome is for the reasons mentioned by Ross. One of the things I HATED about "Masters Of Song Fu" is that it was strictly a popularity contest (at times). In Song Fu you were usally allowed to vote for up to 5 people, and it was typical for the average voter to vote for a lot less. Which was probably do to "fans" of individuals just stopping by to vote for 1 person then leaving.

    I do want people to promote their individual songs & to direct people to the contest to hear EVERYONE's music. So I have no problem with people tweeting links to their song or the contest. That being said, it would be nice if people said something more along the lines of, "I'm in a songwriting contest, go listen to the music & vote for your favorite songs." Either way your fans/followers will still probably cast a vote your way (they are your fans after all), but it does look a bit nicer & encourages them to listen to the others as well.

    In short I don't have a problem with Mark or anyone else tweeting or embedding their links. But as I said, you may want to word things so that people are more likely to give everyones song a listen. I can't force anyone to do anything though, I'm not the internet police outside of the blog. So thanks for talking about this like adults, it's very much appreciated.

    I've said the same thing over & over about popular vote systems in the past. Ignorance, popularity & cheating will always play some sort of role. I think I've minimized the affect it could have on the overall outcome, while still allowing fans to participate in some way. It's totally up to the participants now to encourage people to listen to ALL the songs.

    If there are any questions just ask, or if I missed something point it out again.

    PS: The judges don't give a shit about the popular vote when putting together their rankings. That's one thing I woudn't worry about. When you compare the final rankings & the final totals of the round 1 popular votes, that should be proof of that. Since the popular vote totals from round 1 were removed in place of the new poll, I'll repost the old results later today on the blog so people can compare.

  • Graham Porter [Emperor Gum] - 9 years ago

    I don't think the public poll carries enough weight to be an issue. It only matters if you are tied with someone on the elimination border, that's going to happen so little its negligible.
    "BTW, as for biasing the judges, I'm sitting here seeing the numbers and worrying that the judges will be biased *against* me. Certainly my showing the public poll last time was almost totally *inversely* related to how the judges' ranked my entry."
    I like to think everyone is in this for fun, so I really don't think the judges would be so petty.

  • Ross - 9 years ago

    Oh, and by the way, if this was an issue in the first round also, i totally missed that and did not mean to rehash old news.

  • Ross - 9 years ago

    I understand what you are saying and that we all have the option to let people we know know about this contest and invite them to vote, but it is different to say, "I am in this contest, go listen to the songs and vote for the three you like best," than to tweet, "go vote for my song."

    In the end, I doubt it will make much difference, since this is only a tie breaker, but it does seem to be a weak link in the system, and I am deliberately not posting his on Spin's blog since I really am not trying to cause controversy. Only those who dig this deep will see this conversation.

    And by the way, I hope you won't take the first paragraph of this post personally, but it seemed a point worth making as food for thought, I know there are no rules regarding how we promote our participation in the contest.

  • Mark S. Meritt - 9 years ago

    BTW, as for biasing the judges, I'm sitting here seeing the numbers and worrying that the judges will be biased *against* me. Certainly my showing the public poll last time was almost totally *inversely* related to how the judges' ranked my entry. So that river can certainly flow both ways -- and is yet another reason why, when it comes down to it, I, too, have concerns about the public-ness of the poll.

  • Mark S. Meritt - 9 years ago

    Since I'm the one in question here both this round and the last, I'd better respond and turn this into a non-accusation :)

    I agree that this is a concern. I come to this contest with hardly any following or notoriety to speak of, not to mention some weaknesses (i.e., in vocals and production, at the very least) compared to many of the other contestants. I'd like as fair a shot as anyone and wouldn't want to be done in by anyone else trying to stuff the ballot box.

    That said, it's an open ballot. A public poll. I'm not asking people to stuff the ballot box for me, but I am letting people know I'm involved in this contest and asking people to support me. If they choose to cast only one vote for me, that's their choice. And if every other contestant chose to get the word out in a similar way and have people they know support them in the same way, the opportunity is very much there.

    *That* said, I'll say that I personally might even prefer to *not* have a public poll -- for the very reasons being talked about here, because it's potentially unfair. It might be more fair to have a tie-breaker poll be open only to contestants, even including shadows -- the effort of making a shadow entry certainly seems to me worthy of granting a vote in the poll.

    Hopefully all I've said here diffuses the situation a bit and, to the extent there's still any concern, people will realize that it should be directed at those who decided to run this contest in this particular way, since, in every way, including our relationship to the poll, we contestants are truly all in the same boat, on an even playing field.

  • Ross - 9 years ago

    So, I wonder if I understand this right. The popular vote involves a poll where listeners are supposed to vote for their three favorites. Right now there are 36 total votes, implying that 12 sets of votes have been submitted, but one of the songs has 15 votes. This must mean that you could vote for less than three. If this is the case, it seems it would make it simple for someone to stuff the ballot box by inviting people to come to the site and vote for only one song, thereby decreasing the aggregate effect of votes for the top three.

    I know this only comes into play in case of a tie, but given that it could be employed as a decision maker and the fact that the judges can potentially view poll results before their own rankings are due makes me wonder about it's reliability. That's all.

    I'm having fun!

  • DeniT - 9 years ago

    Kudos to all who participated! Multimetic songs ROCK! Thanks for such a great round (and great challenge idea!)

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