What *potential* future Metro Rail project are you most excited about?


  • Robert - 13 years ago

    The Foothill Extension is a complete WASTE of precious transit funds. Why are we building light rail to sprawling northeastern San Gabriel Valley when there are hundreds of thousands of bus riders crowded onto lines in the urban core of the County every single day (including Vermont and Wilshire)???? Why is the Wilshire subway not being prioritized over a light rail to Irwindale (population 1,500)?!?! Can't wait to ride the gold line to my farm in Glendora! Biggest joke of a "transit" project ever.

  • George - 13 years ago

    The Goldline Eastside Extension will cost likely near 1 billion dollars. This money should instead be used to extend the Red or Purple lines. If, because of politics, the money must stay in a particular Supervisorial distrct, the Red line could be extended up Ceasar Chavez, where it was supposed to go 15 years ago. Then it could go into the part of the San Gabriel Valley where people actually live. Go to the MTA's website. Where they are proposing to extend the lower part of the Gold Line to has a very low relative population density. This money could be much better spent almost anywhere else.

  • Ezekiel - 13 years ago

    Definitely the West side Subway Extension. We are 100 years behind new York subway-wise. It's time to catch up. We need as much subway as possible.

    While I voted for the west side subway, Expo line easily makes 2nd Place. Obviously the expo line will make it to Santa Monica long before the Purple line, so I think the expo line should hold us over until the subway could be built.

  • Ryan Stern - 13 years ago

    Yikes... don't know where I pulled the number I used in my original comment, but having decided (after the fact) to check the project page on the Metro website, I'd like to correct myself: The alignments currently proposed for the Regional Connector range from 1.6 to 1.8 miles. whoops! :)

  • Ryan Stern - 13 years ago

    The "Downtown Regional Connector" is, on its face, possibly the least "sexy" of the potential lines. After all, the project is only 2.7 miles long.

    However-- The Regional Connector interfaces THREE different lines, touching all faces of the compass, through Downtown. North to Pasadena (and beyond), South to Long Beach, West to Santa Monica, and East to East L.A. (and beyond). THAT is something to get extremely excited about!

    Then add in connections to California's High Speed Rail line at LA Union Station, along with the Downtown Streetcar on Broadway, and this "tiny" connector starts to have more influence over the entire system than any of the "epic" projects!

  • Lisa - 13 years ago

    I am excitedly awaiting the "subway to the sea." Parking near the beach is hard to find. Would love to just train it on out there. Can't wait!!!

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