Are you upset with Apple for the antenna problem?


  • Shreyas - 13 years ago

    im just mad that Apple didnt admit there was a problem once they realized it was widespread. i understand that this happens to other phones too

  • Mike - 13 years ago

    I run a large online University operation and employ 10 computer engineers. We are evenly split between iPhone and Driod/EVO owners. All agree that Apple could have done a better job with the antenna design. but it's a non-issue for us since we all have cases for our iPhones. It's kind of dumb not to put any iPhone in a case. AT&T coverage is very good in our area, and no Sprint 4G for the forseeable future.

  • andyg8180 - 13 years ago

    Im more mad at the way apple and SJ handled the problem... instead of saying "there is no problem" they should have stayed shut or "we're looking into all your inquiries" instead of shooting yourself in the foot. I love my iphone 4, and i paid $2 + free shipping for a nice bumper that solved the issue. Should i have had to? No, but it saved me from a drop already...

  • Carlos - 13 years ago

    I too am more angry about the ill informed press coverage that makes it sound like it barely works when in reality Ive never personally had 1 problem since day one. I love the iPhone 4. Best handset Ive ever owned and puts every other so called smartphone to shame.

  • Dave - 13 years ago

    You need another category besides "Yes" and "No" for this one. Do I think it was stupid? Yes. Do I think it's worth getting upset over? No. Do I think this has been blown way out of proportion? Of course. Adding that all together, I'd say no, I'm not upset, and more annoyed by the coverage. Apple needs to give out free bumpers and start using a non-conductive coating, but seriously people, who cares?

  • Alex Tachequi - 13 years ago

    This problem with the iphone 4 and the signal connection does suck a little, but it is nearly covered with the fact that the iPhone 4 is one of the greatest phones to ever hit the market. You can ask any iPhone 4 holder if they still like their phone and the answer will 8 out of 10 times be a easy yes. Even so, that remaining two will buy a bumper or obtain some sort of case which fixes the problem and they will join the party. So at the end of the day does it suck a little? Yes. But does it really matter? Not Really.

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