Did Apple do enough to make Antennagate go away?

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  • ED - 13 years ago

    I am disappointed with Apple and have been for awhile. Mobile Me is an example of issuing betas as finished software. Scores or hundreds lost data using the sync function that was fragile to say the least. The mail function, recently updated, has a spam sieve that just doesn't work,and, although it gives you a choice of appearance, it is a choice you have to make every time you open mail. It has the feel of an unfinished piece of software and it just is something that the Apple I used to love would have released.

    It almost seems that Apple no longer gives a damn about those who buy computers and is so immersed in mobile hardware and software that no time is left for the rest of us. Now, we are seeing the same thing happen in the mobile end of the business.

    You have to wonder if Apple has too much on the plate.

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