Where do you think the Century City station should be located?


  • Greg - 14 years ago

    The Constellation site is a better placement only if your final stop is Century City itself. While that is a large amount of population, lots more people (I think) will be taking the buses into Santa Monica or WeHo (where is there currently is no subway stops planned or budgeted). To keep the amount of pedestrian traffic off of Ave of the Stars, which could be a great amount during rush hour, which in turn could slow down traffic crossing SM Blvd to get to their stops, I think having it on SM Blvd would be a better choice.

  • David R - 14 years ago

    Jane: you obviously know nothing of subways or the modern technology that's used to build them. NO HOMES, SCHOOLS or ANY OTHER STRUCTURE are "in danger" because of the routing of the subway. Do some research and gain some actual knowledge/hard factual data before you speak. Seems YOU are the overly simplistic one.

  • Tobias - 14 years ago

    NOBODY will be affected by the routing of the subway. In New York, where the subways were built 100 years ago by cutting right through the street and building them directly beneath, noise and vibrations are horrible annoyances. In Los Angeles and modern subways, deep bore tunneling machines put them 60-80 feet below the ground. 60 to 80 feet! That means there will be no noise, and no vibration discenable from the surface. Believe it or not, Los Angeles already has a subway, and it already goes under homes and businesses. In fact, it even goes under recording studios with sensitive equiptment. And in nearly 20 years of running, there have been no noise complaints. Not even one!

    And there's no reason to think this will impact property values negatively either. If you can't feel or hear it, then who gives a crap? If anything, it will raise values, because people want to live close to stations. I would love to have the subway run under my house, if it meant I live near a station.

    As for a cave-in: is there justified fear there? Maybe, yes. But, the chances are so remote using the latest technological advances in subway tunneling. People realize that there are subways in every city in the world, right? And very few of them were disasters to build. And the chances are probably lower than the chances of a crane toppling over while building a building. Do we not build skyscrapers because of a slight risk? No, we just push for better oversight. If you're worried about mistakes, push for better oversight.

    Luckily though, this project has broad support from the whole county. With a little luck, this won't be yet another case of the Farmdale: a loud few standing in the way of the good of the other 10 million of us.

  • Virginia - 14 years ago

    I believe on the explanation should be mentioned which route will be goinng under the schools; the home count is very thourough but there is no mention of the schools that could potentially be affected by this.

  • John - 14 years ago

    The stop should be at SaMo & Ave of the Stars - easy connection to the 704/4/728/16/316/28/CC etc. There should be a creative pedestrain bridge with elevators spaning the large street so people don't have to wait 7-10 minutes to cross and it can be like this bridge if one need to board a bus on the center busway. http://www.urban-logic.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/bridge00.jpg

  • Pan - 14 years ago

    The mall fronts Santa Monica Blvd so it's exactly as far from either stops. SM Blvd also connects with 6 bus lines. A station under Constellation will also have to be under the sub- basements of the highrises which will add a lot to costs to get it to street level. If they want an entrance at Constellation, they can make one like Pershing Square, 7th St and Civic Center have entrances a block apart keeping the route under SM Blvd with a spur down Ave of the Stars,

    For gods sakes, it's a block. I know we live in LA, but I dare say that 98% of the people who would use this line to get to Century City don't live within a block of the point at which they would enter the system. Even if the did are they going to be like "I live at Wilshire and Normandie and work at 2029 CPE but since the stop is a block further away I'll drive and pay to park"

  • jane - 14 years ago

    This is a brainer: As currently planned, the selection of the tunneling route is contingent on the site of the stop. The constellation site places a number of homes, schools and businesses in danger. The poll is overly simplistic.

  • Peter J - 14 years ago

    This is a no-brainer: Constellation is right in the heart of Century City, within a 1/4 mile walk to almost all the major office buildings AND the mall. Santa Monica Blvd is the southern border of the LA Country Club - how many people are going to use the subway to go golfing??

    And the Mall has an entrance right on Constellation, just to the west of Ave of the Stars. The station there could even have an entrance right next to the mall's (near MGM Drive).

  • John K - 14 years ago

    Actually, all polls and data compiled up to this point have proven that more people work closer to Constellation. Pluss, its easy walking distance to Westfield (like a one min walk) from there as well as from SMB.

  • M Porter - 14 years ago

    One stop could be opened at Century City Westfield Mall because people can hop on & hop off throughout the day/evening.

  • M Porter - 14 years ago

    There are more people needing to travel on "Santa Monica Blvd & Ave of the Stars" in order to get to the Westfield mall and their jobs.

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