Rate ASUS Xonar Driver support (not UNi Xonar!)


  • MeeJay - 7 years ago

    They remind me of creative, because two week ago I was on a Sound Blaster ZX, without any drivers working well on Windows 10 Anniversary, and today after changing my soundcard, asus support told me that this Essence STX II is not compatible with Anniversary, the more recent drivers are from 2015, for a product who cost almost 300$, they are serious ?!

  • Z3R0B4NG - 9 years ago

    Asus Tech Support did send me here
    because currently they do not have a functioning driver download page on their Website (Support Dude says its being reworked at the moment... uhuh...?).

    I was always satisfied with the Windows 7 drivers for my Xonar D2/PM, they updated the driver every few months... seemed fine to me.
    My needs are pretty basic (simple 5.1 System, just want my Stereo Upmix for Winamp and play games with it, which works fine with the GX button and had no problems in games... i don't think EAX is a thing anymore anyway, it's been years since i've seen the EAX Logo in a game, so i don't really care about that anymore).

    I guess i will be looking here for Win 10 drivers for my Soundcard then.


  • Gary H Phillips - 9 years ago

    I have the Xonar Essence STX PCI-E Audio Card in my Desktop with Windows 7. I convert old reel to reel tapes most master quality to digital. Rather than go with a pro model I bought a Xonar. Although the sound quality is good (I don't use the suit they supply but another source like Audacity to record. It has worked fine...till now... Now I seem to not be able to get the level up to a height of 0 dB at the strongest point. The best I can get is around 8 dB down. This is not acceptable. I have most sound devices turned up to the max and it's still down. I read about another set of drivers, perhaps I should try them? Any coaching from any of you that are really familiar with them?

    Any help is greatly appreciated,


  • Neil - 10 years ago

    i spend a lot of money on my d2 sound card. until i used custom drivers it sounded good........now it sounds lush :)

  • soundnsight - 10 years ago

    I purchased an Asus Essence STX card -2 reasons:
    --Primarily 2 Creative cards with zero support., Horrifying drivers - w/o updates Hware worse. I concluded that Creative has nothing but contempt for their buyers, Asus looked good............
    --and then I bought an Asus card. Without software updates that match changes in OS or support-a paperweight.

    When first opened-- "whats in the box" looked promising as issues of latency and other matters are outlined. Once installed tho---that's where it ends. The "Smart Volume" adds nasty and unwanted screech to recording.
    Regardless of the 3 updates--nothing.

    I am perplexed as to why one of both Creative and Asus biggest markets are in North America yet their so-called "support" is handled by techs with poor English language skills. Why? For reasons passing understanding, both firms appear to have a corporate policy that N America is the last to get new hardware and rarely to receive support. Thats outlandish in a tech driven world. '

    Note--Monkeys dont diss each other for sport, Choose another metric ;)

  • Christoph - 10 years ago

    ASUS drivers are monkey level! Using Win7 64bit and the driver for Essence STX is just horrible! I get like 1 freeze or bluescreen with them per hour. I use the Uni Xonar Drivers, they are running great.

  • Martin - 11 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the great driver.
    original asus drivers are shit.
    in game are the rivets.
    Question: I have a Xonar Essence STX
    what should I all instalation for the sound card in your driver with?
    there is a lot to choose from, what should I all instalation with?
    I can do all hook in? or what would you recommend me for instalation in their driver?
    greeting and thanks, keep it up
    please help thank you

  • dosse91 - 11 years ago

    absolute SHIT.
    not only they barely work, sometimes i only get sound from center/subwoofer jack, and other times i start a song or a game and it kills my ears with a 110db blast of white noise.
    whoever made those drivers must BURN IN HELL

  • Mike - 12 years ago

    I want to say thank you UNI team for creating better drivers. This poll hits it right on the money. I left Creative because they stopped supporting products. Now same with ASUS. It had so much potential, especially with the gaming community. Lets face it, some things ASUS is great in, like building great hardware, but building drivers and software is not one of them.

  • Tuexnovia - 13 years ago

    Mate, I can't believe that you had to do that because the company don't care about staff that we they are selling, people that have been waiting for years and still nothing, I've been 1 week with a HUGE headache because 2 of their sound car weren't working...

    I went today to the shop when suddenly I receive a message in my Iphone saying...

    Mate I found this page and It's work for me, check it before to change it...

    AND IT'S WORKING I CAN'T believe IT...

    Thanks mate That company should pay you for what you DID...


  • Daniel - 13 years ago

    I would expect monkeys to at least care; however inept they may be. Simply not caring seems to be the lowest, and most accurate assessment. It takes an intelligent person to so effectively offend.

    Support EAX 5 on the condition that it helps sales. No need to actually work properly with more than 1 title (in my experience). No need to also have functioning EAX 1 or 2 support that doesn't degenerate over time (why does seemingly proper operation + time lead to eventual failure!?). No need to support EAX 3 and 4 when you can just imply (A.K.A. lie). Keep making card after card with slight changes to cash in on all price ranges - no need to fix functionality that's only broken when you use it.

    I had such a high opinion of Asus hardware until I actually started buying it. Now I see that it's just another cash cow; putting forth enough effort to market someone elses efforts as their brand. At least they don't steal the industry with underhanded legal tactics that set back 3d audio standards for years to come....and still. I can't wait until software implementations like Metro 2033's become standard! It's like we've finally reached the fidelity of Aureal A3d...again! And I don't have to put up with "Creative" to hear it! /rant

    On a more positive note, I love my Xonar for it's music fidelity. Though I hate it's software for many reasons, my primary passion is satisfied wonderfully!

    4k character limit ftw!

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