Which do you prefer: e-books or print books? (Poll Closed)

  • E-books
    500 votes

  • Printed books
    898 votes

  • Tie: Both have their advantages
    747 votes


Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • bowujunzi - 6 years ago

    I bought a lot of printed books before .however,when I need one of them ,I have to waste much of time to find it out .And then ,I bought a book shell ,but it takes too much space in my room .Now I've found a way to solve my problem , yes, right ,It’s the e-books .A e-book can surely save me a lot of space ,can save me a lot of energy to find a paper book when i want to read it ,and also it can save me quite a lot of money to buy more and more paper books . I can just download and read it anywhere and anytime .So now I have made the switch to e-books enthusiastically.

  • arken - 7 years ago

    i prefer print.... i do read e-books but i love reading my collection of books. where i can see my books and not just stored in my pc... it also hurt my eyes reading whole day wit E-books but not with the printed ones

  • Tahir - 9 years ago

    I prefer hardcore books. In reading e books I loose concentration off and on and it takes time to rebuild the concentration. 2ndly how good a screen is it will definitely cause some damege to your eyes to reflection.

    Though e.books are having lot benefits i.e. consumes no space, portable, can be easily be downloaded, I prefer hardcore books.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Guillermo Santamaria - 9 years ago

    I agree with the reader who stated that more questions should be asked. eBooks have one wonderful thing that for years had eluded me with printed books. You can store comments online. To me, the most important thing about a book is not the book itself but how you interact with it. Your annotations and highlights are YOUR interactions with the book. These in the paper form could be lost if the book was lost. The other option was a lengthy preparation to take notes with small note cards. This is all gone now. Now, you can take notes on any ebook anywhere and they will not be lost even if the ereader is lost.

  • James Sprague - 9 years ago

    I'm commenting as a social reader, rather than an academic or researcher. As a person with declining eye sight and facing the unhappy prospect of having to downsize my living accommodation in the future I have found e-books to be a god sent alternative to hard copy books for a number of reasons of which the two most important are the ability to increase the font size of text (and not be tied to the requirement for some publisher to put out a "large print" edition; and the ability to keep a large library of favorite books on hand (or in archive through Amazon) in e form without the resulting bane of space demands familiar to most bibliophiles. I expect to keep a small library of which are special because of either their particular beauty or because of some personal importance to myself. I don't argue for the replacement of hard copy books with electronic ones. But the harsh reality for some (many?) of us is that we are not always able to maintain or access easily the large libraries which we may have accumulated over time. E-books serve an invaluable purpose for me. I personally find the pearl e-ink format of the Amazon books to be very easy and comfortable to read and am very very happy with my Amazon kindle.

  • Tammy Roberds - 9 years ago

    I like the idea of real books too. Unfortunately, I have arthritic thumbs and so it is difficult for me to hold a book. The e-reader is lighter and also has changeable font. My beef with e-readers is that they should give the things away considering what they will make on the books!!

  • Alton Gansky - 9 years ago

    I wonder about validity of the question. Having the third option, it seems to me, waters down any real results. Perhaps a different approach would be more revealing: If you could only read one format which would you choose? E-reader or print book. My suspicion is that the numbers would be closer with the nod still going to p-books.

  • Kevin Cronin - 9 years ago

    I'd like to see the question expanded and asked in a slightly different way....
    Which do you prefer when reading: e-books or print books?
    Which do you prefer when doing research: e-books or print books?
    Which do you prefer for reference: e-books or print books?

  • Suzanne Scully - 9 years ago

    I don't own an ebook device and don't think I will for the near future. After looking at an electronic screen all day at the office, I prefer a hard-copy book to read at home.

  • Petunia - 9 years ago

    I was wondering... If this poll was done in real life, meaning on the street, I think you will have very different results, because probably you have more high tech readers, and of course they will prefer high tech devices...

  • Sarah - 9 years ago

    Until e-books can be easily rented/traded, paper books will be my choice. I can't see paying $10 for each book I read - i'll go broke!

  • Fuddster - 9 years ago

    @ Chuck Bergman above: I read library books all the time on my Barnes & Noble nook. And some libraries with huge ebook selections (like Philadelphia's) offer cards to out of state residents for a minimal charge.

  • Scott - 9 years ago

    Maybe e-books are better for novels, but I read a lot of non-fiction with diagrams full-color pictures, references, etc. I find in a non-print format, the resolution is just too low and the format is too small. Try reading about a great painter and see examples of his work on a smallish screen. Not nice. I agree with the library concept, too. I do not want to have to buy every book I read.

  • Beth - 9 years ago

    Like Michelle earlier I am always in the middle of several books. And I love curling up with a great book, hearing the crack of the spine and smelling the ink on the page. That said, e-books are much easier on the road. It will be a while before I make the complete change over.

  • Chuck Bergman - 9 years ago

    For me it ultimately comes down to value. I am a VORACIOUS reader, easily 1 book a week. So that means the library is my main source of books. I couldn't afford the habit otherwise. So in the interest of my wallet, hard-cover and paperback books get my vote. I love the technology and portability of e-readers. My wife was a Kindle and loves it. But until I can "temporarily" download e-books from the library for free or even minimal fee, then I'm sticking with tradition. $1 to e-checkout a book would fit my budget.

  • Jai - 9 years ago

    Ebooks! Best part - its Environment Friendly!

  • tamouse - 9 years ago

    This isn't really a valid comparison. Amazon said *hard-cover* books are selling less than ebooks. Hard cover books have been in decline for quite a while now. This doesn't really signal the end of print by any means. When paperbacks begin to dwindle and ebooks overtake them, then maybe we can say that.

  • Samit Malkani - 9 years ago

    While print books are beautiful to hold and feel, I've made the switch to ebooks enthusiastically. I'm one of India's early Kindle adopters, with good reason. I save space, I save money with my ebook purchases. The ability to carry around 2 GB of ebooks wherever I go is another compelling reason to switch over.

  • D - 9 years ago

    E books hands down, even though I primarily use the kindle, I can read my book in the dark on my iPad, and I always have it with me on my phone. The only drawback is not being able to loan a copy to a friend.

  • Caterina Nelson - 9 years ago

    I really like curling up with a "real" book, but being able to carry something that lies flat on the table when I go out to eat is great. I now have both ibooks and kindle on my iPod, which is good for when I don't expect to need a book. Other advantage to e-books - they take up a LOT less space!

  • Michelle - 9 years ago

    Both are very useful. I always 'have a book in progress' but to be more accurate, I have several in progress. A hardcover in the car, one on the nightstand, e-books in Google and even on my smartphone. The ones on my smartphone are the ones I end up reading when I find myself waiting unexpectedly someplace and didn't plan ahead to bring a book. I still prefer printed books whenever possible, or more precisely when I have set aside time to read. But the digital format is most convenient for those sudden opportunities.

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