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  • Daniel Borden - 12 years ago

    I recently purchased a copy of O P , being a amateur photographer,and came upon your article " Wilderness Warrior" and really loved your photos.I also admire the fact that you are self taught,which is pretty much the road I am on. I already feel i have learned something not just from your written article but from your photos themselves,to take the time and look because there may be a shot hidden there if the light is right or from a different angle or perspective.At this point I must be honest and say I cannot afford your prints but you have won me over as a fan, and will be trying very hard to create a style of my own. Great work thank you.

  • Roger Thomas - 12 years ago

    Ok, I can see them on the blog page. Will vote now.

  • Roger Thomas - 12 years ago

    Hi Joe, email did not contain The Wave, Autumn Brushstroke images.


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