Which cover do you like best?


  • Will J. - 13 years ago

    She looks terrible in all three. Are those supposed to be her, "I'm a serious modeL" expressions? She can't form a real smile? All three poses make her face waaaay too angular and whoever edited and approved those poses should be shot. Or if those are the best ones, wow, she's really going downhill fast!

  • JOSHUA - 13 years ago

    The second photo is only the least of three evils. She looks sad in all the photos. A smile always wins the day and gains fans.

  • JP - 13 years ago

    The Boho picture makes her look happier than the military picture looks like she was not quite ready. The Picture with the feathers is ok but I would have liked it better if she was not squatting. I agree the Boho sequin pictures makes her eye color stand out. I am just very happy she looks so much healthier than a few years ago when they said she had an eating disorder. Best of luck and life to both of the Olsen twins.

  • Diana - 13 years ago

    I believe that the first cover is more towards full but in that picture the model looks dull and unhappy the blue one looks too summery and the third looks like its rock and roll. in my opinion none of them but if i had to choose the feather ones will be the closest and best for fall.

  • trinigirl - 13 years ago

    I think that the colour of blue in the Boho Sequins brings out her eyes (inclusive the background sky). For some reason she looked like she's natural and happy, unlike the other ones she had to either push herself to smile (or work the camera)

  • Karen - 13 years ago

    Boho Sequins Cover had a brighter, fresher look. Facial expression showed more life, whimsy whereas the other two photos were a bit flat. Over the shoulder shot was a more dyamic than the other two. And...I like the color blue.

  • l - 13 years ago

    why is she wearing feathers? how cruel, PETA is right about her fashion line being horrible to annimals.

  • Lokeli - 13 years ago

    That hint of a smile got me.

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