Do you think Gisele needs to keep her mouth shut?


  • Nikita - 6 years ago

    I agree with Elle and "mean mommies". That article is so full of envy I almost laughed. Except it isn't funny when women attack each other just because they're jealous. It was obvious to me exactly what Gisele meant and whoever took offense is a miserable person just looking for a fight. Yes, it seems like she has the perfect life and family but guess what? Perfection doesn't exist and I'm pretty sure she has problems too. As for dating a guy whos expecting a child with another women? Get real. Its none of your business what they do in their personal life!! I happen to think it was pretty mature of her to stick around after she found out her boyfriends EX-GIRLFRIEND was expecting a child. That comment she made about her step child sounds to me like the way we would want our childs stepmom to feel if we were in that situation. Can't believe I took the time to rant but this... smh.

  • Philip - 8 years ago

    She actually has more idea of the real natural world than most of the idots commenting against her. Humnity has breastfed babies for X thousand years before today. Only breastfed. Now suddenly we are so dizzy wuth our Brave New Post-Industrial world of baby formulas and pharmaceutical firms we even look at breastfeeding in disgust? Wake up Western humans to the reality of your own culture and its wealth fantasies abd taboos against the natural. Any law would allow exceptions, it is a law not a Diktat. Butits attutdes that need chaging not her opinions. When mothers who want to breastfeed in public and without incurring opprobrium esp. from males and jealous women can do so unmolested, Western culture may be ptogressingto amore natural state. Until then its desceding into a toxic pit of artifial chemicall fantasy and social taboo. I pity it.

  • Elle - 11 years ago

    I've never read so much envy in one same article. Each paragraph... unreal!
    I agree that breast feeding should be enforced by law. Poor (rich) Gisele unfortunately failed to add "except for the women who cannot breastfeed" to her comment, so all the stupid and envious readers could understand exactly what she meant.

  • billy - 12 years ago

    She might not be the most intelligent person ever but lets be honest: breastfeeding is really important and any mom who`s really concerned about the baby's growth should consider it. Not talking bout moms who cant breastfeed for any reasons (and cmon get over your problems), but bout those women who find it really cute having a child AND still cant selfishly see they'll have to give their best for the sake of their babies. Now tell me natural food (including milk) isn't the best option and I'll remind you of the obesity spread in the country.

  • Lisa - 13 years ago

    Um.... not a hater, but i am in full agreement with Siestasis. She has an affair with a man who is expecting a child with another woman. No morals, and neither does Tom Brady. So her opinion on breastfeeding doesn't matter to me she is not a moral person. Definitely a nightmare of a stepmom, that's ok the baby knows who mommy is.

  • Mean Mommies! - 13 years ago

    I cannot believe all you haters!! Unreal, Gisele has the right to speak her mind and give her opinion after all she was asked and was being interviewed, I don't think we asked for any of your opinions now did we?? She is a mother is she not? so what if she only gained 30lbs, she still had a baby did she not? And wouldn't we all like to only gain 30 lbs during a pregnancy, I know I would! After reading this article it sounds like a whole lot of jealous woman ganging up on Gisele. So what if she has an amazing life doesn't make her opinion less valuable than all of yours and did you ever think she has the life that she has because she wakes up everyday grateful just to be alive and does what she can to give back. I wish we had more woman like Gisele and less like all of you miserable mommies!!! Oh yeah and more woman should stay home and raise their kids and if you can't don't have them, America has enough children without parents and in day care we don't need more!

  • soon to be mom - 13 years ago

    I had surgery not to enhance but a reduction because I had some serious back problems and physically can not breast feed when I have children. There are so many other things I could name off but I won't get into it. Thank you gisele for reminding me that I will never be able to share that experience when I have a child.

  • Abe Simpson - 13 years ago

    Shouldn't Ms, Gisele be seeking help to return to her "original size and shape and not be "spreading" her own version of guilt projection on the rest of us. Happy hormones and Post Partum nutsiness the "millk nazis" thing their way is the only way. Please spare us all from the zealots. They are dangerous wherever their philosophy is pushed upon the rest of us in any area.

  • a mother - 13 years ago

    Don't see anything wrong with Gisele stating that mothers should breastfeed their babies.. Passing the law? How about applying some logic? Wouldn't the law have clauses that if the baby can't latch, or if the supply is small, blah blah blah .. There are A LOT of mothers out there who just don't want to breatfeed. Not because they can't. That's where the law would apply. Screaming out loud 'we hate Gisele because she is too perfect'? Well, stay miserable and just hate people who are better off than you are!

  • tri - 13 years ago

    oh let her talk, she makes us laugh! did you all see the plans and model of their house? can't wait until she tries to give us lessons about carbon footprint/ecology and recycling...usually that's Ch.4 in any fathead celebrity's bio...i get goosebumps just thinking about it...oh yeah, and trying to tell us not to take private jets, use yachts or helicopters....

  • kjc03 - 13 years ago

    @America?: Yes, she's allowed to have an opinion. And we are allowed to write all over the internet about how stupid her opinion is.

  • America? - 13 years ago

    Um... so she is wrong to have an opinion? I would like to think a little logic may apply here. She is saying it is very important in her OPINION for mothers to breastfeed. My wife took 1 week off of work (full time job) for each of our two children and was able to supply them with breast milk until they were almost 1. I guess some of us believe the formula companies who print on every container of formula that breast milk is better for the baby. This is not to say that it is possible for every woman, but rather that it may be true that women who are able choose not to provide the best for their babys.

  • siestasis - 13 years ago

    Let's pass a law that we arrest women who date men who are awaiting the birth of a child with another woman - hey Gisele that would be you dummy.

  • Smoonchiemom - 13 years ago

    What a self-rigteous idiot!! How dare she, but once again she shows the world that thank goodness she is a model and not in some other profession. Could you imagine her as your child's teacher? LOL

    She has no idea about the real world and things that could happen to real people. Everyone can not breatfeed, even if they want to. People can't spend their whole pregnancy doing yoga and Kung-Fu. Many dont have the time or money. This chick needs to grow up fast.

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