Can Cher save 'Burlesque?'

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Posted 9 years.


  • Jeff Teachworth - 9 years ago

    Have not seen the movie "Burlesque" yet, but I expect this movie to present many levels of entertainment. It's obviously a great showcase of music diva Christina's Aguilera's admirable singing ability. Same for Cher, even if her voice has diminished a little with age, there's still plenty of beauty in it - Cher is a longtime diva. Speaking of Cher, also we must validate her acting ability - she's been fresh and real in former roles such as Mask and Moon Struck, and I expect her to be so here. Cher holds a trifecta - having won the Academy, Emmy and Grammy awards.

    Another level of entertainment by this movie follows the culture's fascination with dancing and singing, as evidenced by the success of Glee, American Idol, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Burlesque itself is having a wonderful revival throughout the USA and the world, with it's showmanship, earthiness, creativity and positive sexiness. It's grown enough to the point where Hollywood agrees that burlesque deserves its attention.

    The presentation or "Hollywoodization" of burlesque will probably leave something to be desired, but don't they always? Movie formulas demand exaggerrated circumstances, and come from behind heroes who were ignored but have tons of talent. Look at the plot of Rocky, Die Hard, the Matrix, Pretty Woman, and many others, where a "regular joe" is suddenly thrust into a struggling opportunity and excels marvelously at the challenges. We all like these come from behind success stories because we secretly dream of that happening to us. Hint: It usually doesn't happen in reality so we escape through Hollywood movies. The new movie "Burlesque" is one such of many examples we can enjoy unless we're just too old and jaded.

    Consider this - "Burlesque" also offers the return of a lost entertainment form - the musical. Musical productions are trending and in revival. Burlesque entertainment itself is an example of this, with its homegrown shows and dancing and performing to music onstage in bars and clubs across the world in front of its growing and appreciative audiences. The jaded Hollywood trend heretofore has been action adventure, special effects, romantic comedies and horror movies. Even complex dialogue and character development has fallen away to explosions and superheroes in current movie trends. It's about time showmanship, dancing and singing made it's return to the silver screen. That's what we're seeing on TV and in the movies and I for one say, welcome back to the musical to the mainstream. Whether or not the simpletons put their noses up or not, this pundit will be "Singing in the Rain."

  • david - 9 years ago

    Anything with Cher is going to be great. I am so looking forward to seeing her on the big screen again and singing this time.

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