Ist das derzeitige Geldsystem überlebensfähig ? (Mehrfachnennung)

  • Zebulon - 8 years ago

    This is the wrong question or more precisly, the question is too sketchy. The adäquate question should be either: begins now the collapse phase of this cycle of moneysytem (Kontratieff), or ist the hole form of papermoney-system about to collapse or not.

  • ben - 10 years ago

    You only want to sell your Gold for a high Prise!
    But I can understand you!
    How did the Greek philosoph "Solon" say: The most are Evil

  • ben - 10 years ago

    End the Propagande in this Blog!

  • FED-Hasser - 10 years ago

    End the Fed

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