Based on the information already released, do you think the officer should be charged criminally?


  • siberianwinter - 13 years ago

    I know many fine police officers who are outraged at this officer's action. Please determine if he if truly fit for duty.

  • Leslie Anne - 13 years ago

    One thing that scares me is...if the officer felt this situation warranted pulling his revolver and firing it. He obviously could not handle ANY high pressure situation. As sad as this is for the Husky's owners think how devistating it will be next time he feels "threatened". Someone cuts him off on the road "POP". Cut in front of him at Starbucks..."POP". Heaven help a tussle between his child and another. I know these sound ridiculous but think about it. If he continues to carry a gun, there will be another incident. How sad he will not be held accountable.

  • Justmytwocents - 13 years ago

    Why did the officer feel the need to bring a handgun on a walk, with his wife and pet, anywhere? Why did he think shooting the Husky was his only option when the dog's caretaker was moving in to help? What if another dog or person had gotten in the line of fire? If this officer thinks and behaves this poorly in a stressful situation, he needs to be on desk duty the rest of his career. He also needs to go through some kind of anxiety-reducing behavior therapy just in case things get to stressful in the mall or the grocery store or the post office. Can't have him shooting a person with too many items in the express lane, or someone running through the mall that he thinks is a danger to others.

  • Joe - 13 years ago

    as someone who owns large dogs - 2 similar breeds, both apparently alpha in their own homes, coming together and fighting is a dangerous situation however you look at it. Were I faced with the same situation I personally would not have shot the other dog, but I can understand the reasoning behind it.

  • Margo - 13 years ago

    The whole situation is absurd. I cannot believe the Department can get away with not charging him.

  • Raejean - 13 years ago

    I think he will have a tough time claiming life-threatening danger to himself/wife/dog (of the type that justifies deadly force) if indeed there were absolutely no discernible injuries to any of them.

  • Joy Shamanski - 13 years ago

    Simply pathetic for a federal agent to abuse his power by killing an innocent dog! And it will be that same power that will allow him to go free! How sick is that? I constantly witness gang fights outside my door, and the police do absolutely nothing but make them assemble elsewhere! Yet an innocent dog gets killed because he was playing? witnesses please come forward in support of bear bear!

  • DogFriends - 13 years ago

    At least he shouldn't be the part of Police force for demonstrating such lack of judgment

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