What are the TOP10 Anime of all time?

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  • Tor - 10 years ago

    What About Ranma?

  • Leza - 10 years ago

    This is more like a popularity contest

  • Knightwing - 11 years ago

    I know most of the North America Anime fans today are very new to anime but come on! Are you seriously going to tell me that any of these deserve to be callled the top anime of all time?

    People who vote for any of these over the "Other" option need to go back and watch some more anime cause these selections don't even scratch the surface of great anime and only DBZ would ever be considered in a true list.

    If this upsets some of you too bad go and watch more anime.

  • Isaac - 11 years ago

    He visto todas las series en competencia y se les ocurre votar por death note, mejor voten por bleach, la cual es la mejor serie, contiene los mejores gráficos, mejores personajes y mejor historia que cualquier otra.

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