What would you do if Black Enterprise gave you $2,000?


  • Lillian Asbury - 12 years ago

    Lillian A.
    If i was to win 2,000 dollars i would use it to pay off some of my bills, I am disable and i am on a fix income with my income i borrowed money to pay for things i needed and now i have to many bills.

  • Irene Perry - 13 years ago

    I would use the $2000 to help promote my haircare product business, buying supplies and packaging and selling the product.

  • Venus Smartt - 13 years ago

    To receive $2000 during these trying times would be a great blessing. First of all, I'd give 20% to the ministry. For years my desire has been to start a small business that would not only be a benefit to my family, but to others as well. We have been placed on this earth by God, to make a difference in the lives of others. And right now, employment opportunities are a definite need. I'd like to be the one to make a difference.

  • Tamica Williams - 13 years ago

    I would eliminate both of my credit card debts.

  • Erving Felder - 13 years ago

    I would first , thank GOD for blessing me .Second, I would thank BE for giving $2000.00. Third I would tithe 10% to WORD of FAITH International Christain Center. Give my mother $300.00 and my father $300.00 , my wife $300.00 and each of my four children $50.00 apiece . Feed the homeless with $200.00 and put the other $500.00. I will like to Thank Black Enterpise in Advance for the $2000.00

  • Geneva Bailey - 14 years ago

    I selected Put it into a money market or savings account for emergencies.This how I would divide that $2000

    $1000 into that account and $1000 to eliminate debt.

  • Geneva Bailey - 14 years ago

    I selected Put it into a money market or savings account for emergencies.This how I would divide that $2000

    $1000 into that account and $1000 to eliminate debt.

  • Kenae boyer - 14 years ago

    i would use it towards my owner occupied four unit apartment building I am purchasing. I will be a first time homeowner and have decided to purchase the apartment bldg, that can potentially generate some income as my first investment. Ill not only have a steady place to live, but I'll be able to start a portfolio with this property. I am now working on downpayment and closing cost monies. I wish I did have the 2k!!!

  • Sennaca elder - 14 years ago

    Use it to pay off some bills n clean up some debt

  • Pamela D - 14 years ago

    I would use the money to pay off debt and try and start out with a clean slate.

  • Kim Lanier - 14 years ago

    I would tithe 10% of the money first because I know without God this would not had happen. I would then use the remainder of the money to pay down or pay off debt. I would invest some of the money also.

  • Ms. Cynthia V.Samake` - 14 years ago

    Blessings............. { “ Please Post under Ms. Solja ! ” } ~ The $2,000.00 Goal
    At our Church, we have a Human Resource Department / Non-Profit Program. After applying for a Grant to further support our program, along with access to the $ 2,000.00. I would use $1,000.00, of it towards a down payment on a small building or Mobile Home, to house our Program. We don’t have any where to facilitate private business of our members. We have to wait our turn to try to initiate privacy in the Secretary’s Office. We must adhere to the Hippa Act policy at all times. That’s why it’s hard to confirm the statement of: “Your information is confidential and under complete anonymity!” Sharing space like that, means you must be considerate of your client’s / member’s right to seek help with a peace-of-mind. We provide the same level of help as would a Department of Social Services, only with a Christian overtone to our / their solutions. If they need Christian Counseling, along with their request for Community Resources, we have the best Vessel to deliver GOD’S message to them. They’re given access to a lot of other services to accommodate the needs of the entire Nuclear Family, including their Elders. Once we can have a location on the Church grounds, composed of a basic office space, cubicals, and a small waiting area. We’ll have a great beginning for the rest of our vision, of our Church body. Next , .... Did not want to pass up the opportunity of giving an “ Open-Hand of Donations” to: 5 members of 5 Churches > Total {Ones with the lowest Income brackets, our Church included}. The only stipulation for them to receive this Blessing, would be to, open an account within the “ Non-Profit Banking Project” of Mr. Warren Ballyantine. The set-up would be: $25.00 x 25 = $625.00, Total so far > $1,625.00. I recently met my cousin’s son, at a Tent Revival. He’s in the Army and he told me that he was going back to Iraq. We can adopt his Army Platoon, and send them $300.00 worth of “Phone cards” for the Holidays, that are coming soon. With the technology that they have in place for them , they need all the help they can get to bring a connection to them and their families. Some of them come from very destitute families, and can’t afford to send them cards in the mail. Finally : $300.00 + $75.00 postage/handling, tax/charges = $375.00.
    Complete Total : $1,625 + $375.00 = $2,000.00

    Thank You for your attention, " Ms. Sista Solja " ~ Christian Warrior for the Lord

  • K Hunte - 14 years ago

    Assisting family members and unexpected illness has resulted in financial difficulties. I would utilize the funds to assist in getting us out of the financial deficit that we are currently in.

  • John A. McCauley, Jr. - 14 years ago

    Peace be unto you. African-Americans, please WAKE UP!! Learn how to do for self (your homebase) - inclusive of family, relatives, aquaintances, associates, etc., your immediate community/neighborhood, and then the outlying communities. Discipline yourself like our Christ Jesus in areas of thought, behaviour and actions. Begin to love yourself in a sincere, realistic and dutiful way so then in turn you can possibly love others. Be like the diligent act in work - WORK HARD AND SMART!! Ants truthfully know the Art of Leveraging. Save. Thnk about others and their needs and wants. Resolve to establish a good name (reputation) and keep your debts paid, and have established good and viable lines of credit with community and notable financial institutions. And above all, keep smilin' and have faith in your God, yourself, and others. Peace be unto you...

  • Tina C. - 14 years ago

    I would place it in my business account to help me purchase the land that my franchised hotel will rest on .

  • tony - 14 years ago

    I would take that money and invest it to earn more to eliminate debt. We must still be somewhat aggressive to continue to build and not just sit back and be idle to wait out this economic cloud. Those in the know, take money and make more off it and then pay off some debt of their initial investment, which continues to grow.

  • DEBORAH DAWKINS - 14 years ago

    Thankyou for this opportunity. My daughter Diedre just recieved her M.F.A in DANCE and CHOREOGRAPHY from MARYLAND UNIVERSITY AT COLLEGE PARK. Diedre wants to open a cultural school where the students will be able to identify with their cultural and historical roots. She has a dance studio inside of her home,mirrors,dance floor,and bars. There she teaches children and adults african,modern,and tap. She also advises the students and their parents nutritionally i.e. fats ,sugars,additives in the foods etc. THANKYOU, MRS. DEBORAH DAWKINS

  • Jeff Webb - 14 years ago

    I would definitely use it to pay off two high interest credit cards and any remaining balance would be applied to IRA.

  • Kim - 14 years ago

    I would put it in an emergency fund. I fear that my car may need repairs or some costly emergency will occur and I don't have the money to take care of it.

  • JReneeS - 14 years ago

    I desire to purchase a home. I need to pay off some outstanding debt in order to move closer to my goal. I would pay off a few bills and then take those amounts and pay a few more bills. I would then be able to reach my goal sooner.

  • Me - 14 years ago

    Ive been DESPERATELY trying to purchase a home for my two boys and I..... Any additional funds to put together with what I already have would be GREAT!

  • cassandra larkin - 14 years ago

    I would pay two bills off that I have so that I may apply those amounts to a different bill and this would help me eliminate the debt I have.

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