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  • bonnie - 9 years ago

    i personaly think that they need to leave jenifer alone. she is a grown woman its not like she is a teenager.i am sure that the decision she made was her own. and i also think maybe she regrets now she did not have a child when she was married to brad she lost the love of her life and hopefully she can have a child and get married again one day and rasied the child.......and the three just become a happy family. don't you agree every one deserve happiness.

  • Courtney - 9 years ago

    Java and jerri, you are spot on. Being successful, surpassing your male colleagues and earning a salary equal to a middle class couple is a capable woman to bring a child into her life. It is not easy to find a man as dedicated, hard working and yet loving....if you are successful as a
    Women, no need to bring in a sad father. Of course, if yonder your match there is nothing more enjoyable and fulfilling.
    Chuck and Ed, stop! The pathetic argument that single women are solely raising children in poverty and miseducating them. Young, uneducated women have babies they cannot support and become single moms because the men have no interest in helping out. This discussion was about accomplished women. Who needs a mess of a man, another baby, if he isn't a real man. A good father and mate

  • Kate - 9 years ago

    OMG! I think this is SO ridiculous. I mean, come on. What's the big deal?
    All Jennifer Aniston said is that there are other ways of having a baby. And that's true. Don't you think people already know that artificial insemination exists? Like this was something new.
    Besides, what's with all that freedom of speech and opinion stuff?

    I think that O'Reilly guy is just a total retard.

  • go Bill - 9 years ago

    Jennifer in an act of commercial marketing says, you really don't need a man to raise a kid.
    O'Reailly in an act of lucid commentary says "This is not a good message for young woman, because it best to have two parents"
    EW in an act of total spin attacks O'Really for daring to have an opinion that doesn't kiss teh feet of Hollywood
    Jennifer responds by agreeing with Bill O'really that it is best to have a father when raising a kid
    The only war or words is one where EW is unarmed in making too much of one entertainer talkng about anohter entainer who was hyping a movie.
    I hope Jennifer finds her Bill since she couldn't hold her Brad.

  • Tim - 9 years ago

    Kind of wish Jennifer hadn't taken the bait O"Reilly through out, he goes overboard to create a fake controversy for the sake of ratings. Nethertheless, good comeback by Jennifer. O'Reilly has apparantly forgotten about his sexual harrassment lawsuit, oh yes, he is quite the husband and father himself.

  • J R Kaplan - 9 years ago

    O'Reilly is right, just as Quayle was right about Murphy Brown (probably the only time in his whole life that particular idiotic disgrace was ever right about anything). There's a big difference between celebrating diversity and tolerance, for example, in the composition of families, and demonizing the obvious, which is that the traditional nuclear family is not only the best and most successful mode of rearing children, it also should be embraced and celebrated. It should be celebrated because there is a big difference - again - between encouraging gay and lesbian marriage and gay and lesbian parenting of both straight and gay and lesbian children, which is the natural and desirable state for gay and lesbian people, and saying that single straight women should parent children without men as if it is just another alternative, another normal choice, when it is actually an institutionalization of failure. The failure may be a divorce or failed relationships in the putative single mother's past; it may well be and perhaps most frequently is a failure of the men in her life to live up to their obligations. Whatever the genesis, the overwhelming majority of single women who choose to become mothers through artificial insemination are doing it as a last alternative to better and preferred choices, at a time they perceive that they have run short of time on their biological clocks. For the small minority of women who believe they can be better parents as single parents, and that fathers are not needed, it is an open question whether that opinion is political, ideological, or simply pathological and misguided. THAT is what Aniston is telling us is such a wonderful idea, and it's exactly what O'Reilly calls it - dangerous crap. What is really pathetic is how hard the mainstream media - including this site - is working to portray O'Reilly as out of touch, and Aniston as a heroine. You want to make a romantic comedy about artificial insemination? Fine, no big deal, it's been done before, the minor inherent humor of the situation has been bled dry ages ago. But to go on a publicity tour for the movie, and say mindless drivel that IS damaging, as Aniston has done, is an act of carelessness and/or desperation. Trying to turn it into an occasion to congratulate Aniston? Laughable and pathetic.

  • Brenda - 9 years ago

    I really dont believe that Jennifer Aniston is phony. I believe that she is a sweet person, she has a lot of class, and it shows in a lot of situations that she has come across. Her movies to you might be lousey but, alot of people like them but, everyone is entitled to there own opinion!

  • Nancy - 9 years ago

    I think that Jennifer Aniston is smart enough to know that of course you need a man to provide the sperm to father a baby; however, you don't need to be in an intimate relationship with a man to obtain that sperm. Many men are willing to accept money from sperm donor agencies to provide such sperm, and many who are really good friends with the prospective mother will do it for nothing! Yes, as Jennifer says, a mother/father family is ideal, but millions of children are raised in one-parent families all the time, for many reasons! I feel Bill O'Reilly jumped the gun here, and totally missed the point!

  • Chuck - 9 years ago

    Statements like, "You don't need a man" are STUPID! Oh yes? Where in the heck do you mindless broads get your sperm? The good fairy? I'm sick of women putting down men! Take a look at that slut Lady Gaga's videos. I saw two last night, and in both it depicted killing men. Then she goes on to show her endless sex scenes and sexless body. Enough is enough! No wonder so many men are turning gay!!!!!

  • Ed - 9 years ago

    The epidemic of women raising babies without fathers is a prime factor in the high poverty rate--as a matter of fact the chances are 5x higher of living in poverty for a child in a home without a father. O'Reilly comes on strong sometimes but he is totally correct. Aniston, in her naive way, oversimplifies the situation by talking about "Prince Charming".

  • Jerri - 9 years ago

    SHE is right, you DON"T need a man.SHE carries the baby, SHE births the baby, SHE nurses the baby, SHE does it ALL with his help, yes, he can help, if he has the stomach to do so! Don't 50% of the marriages between men and women end up in divorce, thus creating SINGLE MOMS raising their kids 75% of the time, or the Dad is nowhere in the picture so the Mom is the all-to-get-out-everything! SPERM is the only thing you need, and thank GOD you can get it elsewhere than directly from the penis!!!!

  • Javabooknut - 9 years ago

    Kimberly, did you read the article. She clearly agrees that a loving couple is the ideal situation. But many women have either given up their dream of having children because they are single or settled on men who were not ideal. A bad relationship is far more destructive to a child's psyche that a loving Mother with a good support system that actively chose to bring that child into the world. If a comfortable, happy woman in her 30's and 40's, hasn't found a suitable partner and wants to have a child more power to her. Though I would encourage them to adopt if they can. I won't do it because i want that partner and I'm not in a comfortable position. Maybe in 10 years if I'm 42 and still single I'll feel differently.

  • Rachelsux - 9 years ago

    Aniston is one of the phoniest people on the planet. Just keep making your lousy movies Jen and spending your millions, intelligent people know you're nothing but a talentless fraud.

  • Kimberly - 9 years ago

    Jennifer Aniston is promoting a movie and her character in that movie. Ms. Aniston hasn't had a baby on her own, so how does she know how great it is to be able to have a child without a partner/husband? I agree with Bill O'Reilly. People like to right him off as a conservative, but how are those liberal morals working for society? I'm a married woman in her 30s and think that a loving, committed couple (hopefully married) is the best choice for bringing a child into this world.

  • Erin - 9 years ago

    @ Gerald Kelley. You would be wrong. I voted for her and I am woman. Jennifer gave a classy, intelligent response and Bill should go pick on someone his own size.

  • Tom - 9 years ago

    Re: Gerald Kelley's comment

    Could it also be a mature reaction to a logical and reasonable argument based on facts that Miss Aniston is asserting? Don't debase the argument by attacking the audience of the argument; it's a logical fallacy. You are breaking down a reasonable conversation of the role of parents in raising a child and progress science has made in terms of providing means to conceive a child by ingesting a determination to the way the audience is thinking without facts or evidence.

  • Gerald Kelley - 9 years ago

    I imagine a lot of Miss Anniston`s votes are from boys or men who would gladly inseminate her if there were no responsabilities of parenthood.TIC

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