What did you think of Summerslam?

Posted 8 years.


  • joejoeLittle - 8 years ago

    Hardcore Justice A+, Summerslam D-, Hardcore Justice/TNA promised and gave exactly what they said they would...One Last Stand of the ECW crew and it was ECW from the heart just like the old days. Yes the guys are old and don't move like they used to but who thought they would? It was still amazing to see them all back together etc. minus the stupid "blue tillie"...As for Summerslam?? wow I just don't understand WWE's thought on this ppv. I've been in or around the business for almost 12 years and this was the disapointment of my year...so far. 6 matches for $45 bucks? and there wasn't even 6 full matches...Kofi/Ziggler got screwed...Melina got to shine and wear feathers...Big Show got to actually look like a Giant, but at what cost?? ...Orton should have taken the title, match was awful for the skill both of those men have...everyone called Taker coming back(I'm actually excited to see where this stroy goes, but only cause I'm an old school fan)...and the wwe vs nexus match was amazing even adding danielson until cena gets ddt'd outside on the concrete and his super powers kick in!! seriously??!! I know back in the day Hogan would no sell and win matches but never like this, at least Hogan "Hulked up", cena got rolled in the ring, rolled out of the way and covered gabriel with no effort, then side steps Barrett into the stf, again with no effort...just lame and I won't be getting a wwe ppv again for a long time and someone else is going to pay for WM this year! lol

  • Brian - 8 years ago

    My biggest gripe is that this was supposed to be 1 of the WWE's big 4 ppv of the year. And yet is just fell flat. Last month's MITB ppv was better than this. First of all in a 3 hour show how do you only have 6 matches? In the past all WWE ppv had the standard 8 matches. Second 2 of the 6 matches ended with no real winner. Granted the Orton vs Sheamus ending does further the storyline of the 2 for another month. Women's wrestling should not even be allowed on a ppv when it bumps a tag team title match or a US title match. In fact where were the Hart Dynasty, the Usos, Ted DiBiase Jr, Cody Rhodes, Christian, MVP and Bourne? You're going to tell me they couldn't have added in a 6 on 6 tag match of Harts and Bourne vs Usos and Ted DiBiase? How can you try to build up their characters when the fans can't even see them on tv?

    The end of the show was the worst part of all. John Cena simply cannot be defeated. The storyline of the odds being stacked against him and him still overcoming them is so played out that is is ridiculous. More than half the fans have turned on him at this point. He might as well start wearing yellow and ripping his shirt off before his matches and then go into a pose down. And even worse is that 7 rookies who needed this win badly just got all their momentum taken away by Cena winning. And even with that win Cena's teammates don't get the rub as only he was allowed to stand victorious as the last member of his team. It's to the point where he has been built up so much that right now no one in the company can beat him cleanly. What fun is that to watch week in and week out and know that any match Cena is in will end with his hand raised in victory? All the best in the sport have dropped a match here and there cleanly or given the rub to an up and comer (Kurt Angle in TNA got pinned cleanly by Jay Lethal, Ric Flair has done the job for numerous guys over the years, HBK and HHH got the 3 second tan from Umaga and many others, hell even Hogan took a clean loss from Ultimate Warrior at WM6. So why can't Cena do what is good for the business as a whole and take the loss against Nexus last night? The entire feud is completely dead now. Those 7 guys have no storyline. Cena once again reigns over all the WWE. Where was the payoff in all of this? I just don't get it. Apparently neither does Vince.

  • Jerry "The King" Lawler - 8 years ago

    *Gasps Loudly*

  • Michael Cole - 8 years ago

    I have just received an email from our GM and it reads, and I quote,

    "Thank you WWE Universe for purchasing Summerslam. It was off the hizzle my nizzles. Cenation continues to dominate the WWE. He is obviously the new Hulkamania brothers! It was also fantastic to have Daniel Bryan back. We fooled you smarks for months. HA! But on a serious note, thank you parents of the WWE Universe. Without you, their would be no WWE. And to all the TNA fans. You will all face punishment. And when I say punishment I mean more guest hosts, Santino comedy bits, and Divas action. So whatcha gonna do when the GM and all of his Cenation run wild on you?! Enjoy the show tonight morons, opps I meant fans."

  • tna still sucks is illiterate - 8 years ago

    I want john cena to join tna because they don't any good wrestlers in TNA. I going to buy his cena's PJ and cheer him on if he join TNA. GO CENA!!!! I love you cena.

  • Daniel (Term180) - 8 years ago

    It just feels strange, doesn't it?
    The first-ever Money in the Bank pay-per-view, was overall more enjoyable than something with as much historical value to the WWE as Summerslam.

    I love how when the WWE was (mis)using Dreamer he was such a great guy, then he goes over to TNA, and people say he's "over the hill". Bullshit.
    You wanna fire the over-the-hill shots back and forth, what about Bret Hart, in the main event of Summerslam?
    This guy's so old he knew big bird when she was still tweety!

    It's the same mentality as when I used to call Hogan a washed-up nobody back in the attitude era, then after WWE bought out WCW, and he faced The Rock at WrestleMania I was cheering for the Hulkster as loudly, at home, as those fans lucky enough to be in the arena.

    Perhaps the old adage that wrestling fans have no memory is true, or maybe we're all just hypocrites?

    Maybe people would just prefer to bitch about Cena day after day than actually watch a product that puts on decent WRESTLING matches, as TNA does, rather than giving us a modern rehash of the old G-rated 1980s
    pre-attitude era product, so that the conservative Linda McMahon can further her goals as a right-wing (gags) politician.

    Now you could call all of that a generalization not directly related to the pay-per-view, but then I'd have to point out another hypocrisy, in that "tna sucks" is also a generalization, that has nothing to do with Summerslam whatsoever.

    Bringing in Danielson was no surprise, but underusing him was.
    Regardless, I don't think Nexus should have lost the match, it just underpowers them as a heel faction to lose to a team that wasn't a cohesive unit to begin with, and fought each other throughout the match.

    "Taker's return was expected (hey, guess who's on my cup from 7Eleven? The Phenom! Ha) but still entertaining enough, since that's obviously the part the WWE focuses more on, the "entertainment" aspect, than the wrestling.

    TNA may not have the best stories, and they may not be pushing a G.I. Joe whose best talent is his ability to wave his hand in front of his face like he's sniffing his fingers for crap, but one thing TNA can do- they can freakin' wrestle.

  • Tiz-Mack-Nizzy - 8 years ago

    I think it was great, and the no contests didn't bother me. I believe in building on a story, and i have no problem with Orton/Sheamus and Kofi/Ziggler ending in no contests...lets face it, the story will continue. Wrestling angles are like a fire..you gotta build it..you don't just throw gasoline into it and let it burn out..you let it simmer, bring it up, bring it down....get the most out of it you can.

    Only thing i didnt care for, was Cena going over. Im not a Cena hater, infact i think he's great for WWE. But if they keep pushing him this hard, fans are going to turn against him for lack of sympathy. Tonight would've been great to see Cena get beat and let Danielson take out the remaining nexus. then let nexus move to smackdown, and build a feud with Cena/Danielson on Raw, with Miz thrown into the mix. Cena could supply the sizzle, Miz/Danielson certainly the steak, and all 3 together could put together one dynamic bout worth watching.

  • Archangel - 8 years ago

    6 f'n matches for Summerslam between Raw and Smackdown!!? Back in the day it use to be matches with different teams of wrestlers. Both shows have enough to continue that format. What happened to the days when for every pay-per-view ALL of the title holders will be in matches and put up? I am so glad I do not pay to watch this crap and those who did truly got robbed. There was absolutely nothing surprising that happened in all of the matches except for Triple H not showing up to be on the Raw team. Would have been nice because then he could have turned on Cena and destroyed him. Melina coming back to win the title was a no brainer. It is amazing how wrestlers can be out for months and come back and immediately win a title. Undertaker returning again is status quo. Do I really need to say something about John Cena? I think his next movie role is Superman.

  • Brian - 8 years ago

    Who is writing these shows these days? You build Miz up with his MITB briefcase and have him stalk Sheamus week after week and then you don't even try to have him cash it in at Summerslam. And on top of that he doesn't even get a match on the ppv. The Nexus angle is now officially dead as there is nothing they can do with the group now since Cena proved dominant once again (as he always does). I mean they were defeated cleanly and soundly so what more can you do with them? I will say having Danielson as the 7th member was a great move but if he was brought back just to job to the Miz then I again ask myself what was the point to begin with. Everyone knew Taker was going to be in the casket but how does he go from intimidating to tombstoned that quickly? At the end of the day you had a pretty poor women's match, a good match (Kofi vs Ziggler) that ended in a no contest (and it was an IC title match no less), a handicap match where the guy everyone wanted to see wrestle (Punk) barely even got in the ring, a WWE title match that ended in a DQ and then threw away a great opportunity for Miz to cash in MITB, an average world title match that everyone knew the ending to already and a pseudo 7 on 7 survivor series match where Cena once again got to hulk up and show everyone that he is superman and that did nothing to further the Nexus storyline. I'm sorry but Nexus needs to win that match. Even if they have to cheat in every way possible they need to pin Cena and win that match at Summerslam. And all the while Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, MVP, Christian, Swagger (what happened to his push?) and Bourne all got left off the card.

  • tna still sucks is illiterate - 8 years ago

    tna sucks, do you seriously have a learning disability or are you just too stupid to realize your drivel is more and more difficult to read each week. I am anxiously waiting for you to fake my name and say more mother jokes. But you really fail on all levels.

    Cena the superman is just garbage the show was garbage and WWE is garbage. TNA is no better but still, this is the 2nd biggest event for WWE and it sucked something awful.

  • Ruben - 8 years ago

    So where to start... I was actually in attendance for Summerslam paying 25bucks for tix seemed better than getting it on PPV.

    I might as well talk about Bryan Danielson since that is the hot topic. He has all the in ring ability in the world and he honestly made cena look like shit tonight. It set up his feud with Miz for Night of Champions which I think he will win which would lead to the Miz cashing in his MITB. Danielson will be given a push and now its up to him if he can get the "mark fans" behind him. While all of us who know more about wrestling know all of the things he is capable of doing he isnt known to the majority. I could hear almost as much groans and boos when he was announced. Vince serves them more than us which is obvious considering Super Cena saving WWE again.

    Now onto cena the girl I had gone with was mad as hell since cena had spent most of his time outside the ring or laying on his back but I guess thats better than having him in the ring with Otunga that would be a botch fest.

    Orton/Sheamus I really liked good old school match and a good way for sheamus to keep his title and orton to still look strong probably a rematch for night of champions. After the RKO there was a lot of " We want Miz chants going on"

    Kane/Mysterio a little slow they dont have great chemistry together but it did what it had to setting up kane and undertaker for like the 1,000th time. But I was happy to see that Kane had gotten the better of the Undertaker with the tomb stone.

    SES vs Big show was meh not enough CM Punk who had plenty of chants going for him they really have slowed down his progress lately. He needs a better feud.

    womens match was ok nothing special they got hurt too much. kofi/zigger was good til nexus came out but I could see what they were thinking.

    Overall I think it was a decent show I liked it up until the point where Super Cena showed up again. Now I really don't know what they can do with nexus besides having a big star join them. I think WWE coulda squeezed in 1 more match. The miz could have used a match, same Ted Jr, Christian, Jack Swagger, Evan bourne worked the dark match.

  • Bob - 8 years ago

    Lame. Nexus should have won that match. I'm so tired of Cena being Superman. You almost always can guarantee Cena will win WHENEVER the odds are against him. Turn him heel or gtfo.

  • Andrew - 8 years ago

    Why would cena turn on the wwe and go to nexus? If he wants to turn heel, cena would join tna.

  • B Wissink - 8 years ago

    Overall disapointment. PPV matches should not end in no contests, it is a rip off to fans. The Orton Sheamus match was pretty poor. They were outside the ring on at least 5 occasions that were for a 20+ count. No big pay off there. UT in the casket? Called that last week. They should have turned Cena and had him join Nexus, instead they super hero him again. Who gets up that quickly from a DDT on concrete? Same old stale WWE BS. They should hire me to write, I could do a better job. YOU HEAR THAT MCMAHON? Make the call and end the fall.

  • wrestler fan - 8 years ago

    Daniel Bryan is back in the wwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it about damn time!!!!!!!!!! i hope he beat up the miz on raw tonight.

  • tna sucks - 8 years ago

    Another great ppv for the wwe. tna still sucks on thier ppv. Tommy dreamer is a wash up wrestler. He needs to retired for good. 8 out of 10.

  • DT - 8 years ago

    This ppv was more like SUMMERSCAM!

    and i'm glad that I wasn''t the one that paid to see it.

  • J - 8 years ago

    this is awasome.. this is awsome......... I love it!!!!!!!!

  • david - 8 years ago

    fuck i wanted danielson in tna. summerslam sucked cause wwe could have turned cena and made a impact, but no we get super cena and a setup for miz danielson no impact pun intended. i know miz has come along way but not enough to have a great match yet with a guy who has ten times his skill set, who should be a main eventer.
    wwe will water danielson down and job him to the miz, hope im wrong. want to see him take the money in the bank off miz and main event. if anyone deserves a wwe paycheck its danielson, just hope wwe dont fuck this up and put miz over with him.

  • fred - 8 years ago

    well glad igot to watch for free or id be out 40 plus dollars, i miss the attitude era wrestling was good back then oh well at least it was free damn i hate john cena

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